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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Globalism gone wild; Ontario has another tax on the way. Taxing a tax.

This has nothing to do with fighting climate change, but to grab more money from peoples wallet to pay for their failing financial policies...
Why are we paying for china and india, they are the main polluters, not us?
As if we are not taxed enough, this will cost not only jobs because businesses will go somewhere else, but pain for families. (as in your hydro bill, food, so on)
Our last chance for our civilization to survive in the west are people like Trump and Kevin O'leary, if people like clinton and trudeau and wynne, continue to be elected because of who they are, instead of policies that benefit our own, we are...screwed...
Such is globalism in action. We pay and suffer, for others. These people act as if they don't like their own citizens, What's their true thinking? we have too much and should be taken down?
None of this makes any sense anymore, nor can this type of governing survive...
All bubbles eventually bursts...are they that stupid not to see; if it does burst and we go into financial ruin, they will be blamed and pay for what they have done?
Is this what they are trying to do? Destroy capitalism, crash it, then put their own socialism policies in place? (which in the history of the world, never worked) Sure as hell looks that way...

As for climate change... be informed.

The N.C. Chronicles is not here to change your mind, but only to inform.

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