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Friday, October 28, 2016

Erin burnett outfront; you are fascinated by sex and don't care about public policy...

As I said on previous post, Watching the other side is important so we can see what is going on.
Was watching erin burnett outfront tonight, cnn, (actually 5 min) and again some woman on there (barbara corcoran) explain how Bad wolfie was nice until she was, (surprise surprise) in a private room...(see here if its still there). Something about waving his hands in the air to show how big her breast where.

By now, on a personal opinion, I have a hard time believe their...statements, it's like any man going on some tv station and saying, "hillary clinton asked me how big it was with her hands in the air" would that be on national tv and shouldn't it believed since it was...said?

Now, the rest of the video where she (barbara corcoran) explains how she behaves in a business world seems to have...disappeared, if I can find it i'll link it...not holding my breath.

I went to erin burnett outfront twitter, saw the whole video where this woman said she has a business or is in business, wear short skirt to show her great legs, and then burnett switched to "Trump, sexual predator". So I left a message, "she wears short skirts,2 shows her great legs 2 men(her words on ur show),and u immediately turn to trump is s sexual predator?
Guess what, video now gone...lol...

Now don't get me wrong, she want to wear short skirt to show off her legs, obviously to the men around her and to advance herself, is fine. I have no problem with that, neither does most men, but isn't that sexually suggestive?
Not saying all women do this, Oh but! the f*cking hypocrisy.....

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