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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Did msnbc and chris hayes try to hide what micheal more said??? Racism??? Manipulation??? Corruption???

I tried to find the first part of the interview and guess what, can't find it. Strange?
But the second part where he slobbers over clinton is easy to find. According to him, people should vote for clinton simply because she's a woman. Well America just went through that type of voting 8 years ago, where someone without experience and a belief system that was contrary to the identity of the nation was elected because of who he was personally, how did that turned out? Double the debt, a middle east in chaos, a nation more divided than before, just to name a few. The reality of electing someone should never be because of gender, race or whatever, it should always be about policy, but seems like the establishment depends and promotes the idea that people can be and are treated as sheeples and easy to manipulate.
So be it.

That said.
Coming back to m. moore's interview with chis hayes here is what he said;
"America is no longer a center right nation, liberals won and it's a liberal country".

This one is easy to contradict, if we look on a local level, the idea America is now a liberal nation is B.S.
If he would be truthful and do his homework instead of bull**iting around with his documentaries, he would be honest enough to admit that since 30 of the individual states have center right  republican governors, the idea that all is now liberal is not even on the map. The real reason the obamas, clintons and trudeaus of this world get elected is because the head of state is seen as a figure head position, unfortunately, thanks to the main stream media.
The establishment and the elitists have turn the oval office into a imperialistic position, your not allowed to criticize, the position is almost god like...ya ok.
How did that policy work out for the Romans when they took power away from the people's representative in the senate and gave to to their emperors?
It produced corruption and power centralized in one person, and began the fall of an empire, then we had those who should never have been in power, caligula, nero so on... Because it was imperial and god like, no one dared to resist, Rome fell, then civil wars finally the dark ages...
(Sound familiar?)

The true identity of western nations is best identifies by how people vote state wise, and as we can see the united states of America is still a center-right country when we look at it that way, something moore and friends refuse to admit and manipulated their idealism to fit their own twisted views.

"The 10,000 years rule of the white man is over".
We don't have to go back 10,000 years for that one, just a few of them.
Let's look at this from a left wing liberal argument, (as if they ever make sense),
WHAT A RACIST REMARK!!!. (Their way of thinking not mine)
Again, if he would have researched and did his homework before opening his mouth he would know that European civilization hasn't been around that long, there has been other race with a history worth sharing...
Before and in between...
Egyptian empire, (north African)
Babylonian, Persian, Ottoman empires (Middle East)
Mongol empire (Asian)
Toltec, Aztec, Mayan, Inca, (the Americas)
There's more, but you get the point.
All of which where either more advance or militarily more powerful than his 10,000 white men definition.
When someone picks on one race with lies or misinformation, isn't that racism, according to left wing thinking?

People like moore, hayes, maddow, blitzer, lemon, on and on, are the same people who corrupted the roman republic, turning it into an imperial one and brought about its fall. History is full of these types of people, personal enrichment and power at the expense of what is good for the people.

And if we look deeper into the fall of nations and empires, we see the same thing happening now in America.
Turning the Presidency into an imperial seat, and that is the beginning of a very bad idea.
Will the U.S. follow the same path, hard to tell, because of the way it is structured, state rights might prevail.
Or someone might wake up and direct it, with the recognition of localized power, away from imperialism and use the true power of that country, state and it's people to put ot back where it was meant to be.
The world needs that kind of defense of democracy, hopefully it will be done soon and peaceful, because the alternative of the current direction, to install people to the office of the Presidency by the very few over the heads of it's people's wishes might not end up so peacefully.

The Trump effect...
Sometime I wonder if the Trump effect might not be about the man, but the tool to make a statement.
To put someone the establishment wants smells of a sheeple belief they are better and even know more than it's people. Using the Trump candidacy might be the last chance to take back what belongs to the people through a long yell;

We inform, you decide.

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