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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Are they (elitists) forcibly trying to change the way we think? Was there ever such a thing as right and left politics?

Unless you have been hiding, you probably noticed the bullsh*t coming out of colleges and university lately.
Safe spaces, words that hurt, Halloween costumes not allowed, Christmas is offensive to a small minority so they ban it, not to mention even some businesses are now afraid to advertise it, but most importantly, the suppression of debate and free speech.
If your in any school, which by now they have invaded even primary and secondary, been a conservative, or simply having any ideas that doesn't follow the dictatorial views of what is considered to be the left, your discriminated against, some even to a point of fearing violence...
The left is no longer about ideas, but corruption at its worse, because what I described up there is suppression of debate, that's totalitarianism folks. Sure there is some individuals who genuinely believe in socialism and whatnot, but when they look at those who are supposed to represent their ideas, once in power, it goes out the window and they are stuck supporting what they know damn well to be pure corruption.

Take feminism for instance;
There is no feminism, there never was, those poor saps who claim the mantle are been manipulated by corrupt "chosen few" to gain power.. There is so much hate, anger from that group that to take their ideas and put them as policy would destroy the fabric of the elitists hold on power, men and women.
In Canada, we have liberals in power, even one who proclaimed "I am a feminist", yet shows up at a mosque whose women where not allowed to sit in front with him, and where put in the back...
They promised all kinds of thing for votes, and once in power, spend with nothing to show for it, passing the needs of their own people, the elderly, the poor, the disabled, the homeless? No!
How can social values of those who believe in left wing policies come true when the money needed for said policies goes to pet projects no one ever voted for. And what does the typical left wing voter do, bite his or her lips, knowing they've been had, and continue to support those who lied to them because they are afraid if they say something they also might be harassed.
The weakness of character of the left is so obvious it's sad, they have been so manipulated by those who claimed to be their voices that even when they know they have been had, they cower and hide in their make believe world.

And still, the trudeaus, obamas and clintons of this world with the help of what is left of the media, amass great personal wealth and a national debt everyone knows is choking the economics safety of their respective nations, yet the lowly left wing supporter comes up with excuses for those who corrupt even the young and their future.
The Eastern world is watching, knowing damn well we can't survive with such corrupt leadership; yes most of them have limited democracy, but in these 2 situations, who is best ready if and when the system falls, the west or the east?
Or is the west trying to imitate this limited democracy themselves...at this point in time, sure looks like it. Problem is, when people evolve in a certain system, in this case democracy and freedom, the easiness to change it, specially to a worse one, is impossible and armed revolution ensues...

Maybe that's what they want, change the way people think of freedom, demean it enough to take total control of our lives, because to me it's hard to believe they are that stupid not to realize they are pushing their own people to a point of no return...but then again, no one ever accused the current leadership of the west to have a vision further than their own enrichment.
I had a discussion with someone who considers himself left wing recently and his excuse was, they are trying to crash the system in order to rebuild it, because the rich have too much power. I had to shake my head for a moment, turned to him and said; "who the h*ll claims to represent the left, all of them are millionaires, rich people, do you really believe they will crash the system and their own finances to get rid of.... THEMSELVES?"

We can't see politics as right or left anymore, because this definition is been used to divide and groups us to fight each other, people have to come up with a sense of reality of what is going on and fight for a better world for our children..
Otherwise they have won and we are all...

But hey, what do we know, as the elitist would say, and think; "They're not important, their opinion doesn't matter, they are just little people", if we were to compare ourselves and the system to a farm, we would be the cows.

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