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Sunday, October 30, 2016

The U.N. has become irrelevant by it's own actions; UNHRC vote Russia out, Saudi Arabia in

The UNHRC has become a political body whose decisions have nothing to do with human rights; it is used by western governments as an instrument and fig leaf to cover what they are doing following their political agendas, analysts told RT.
Russia lost its membership in the UN Human Rights Council on Friday, after it failed to garner enough votes in the elections to the body at the general assembly.

Saudi Arabia was successfully re-elected, despite its domestic and external human rights record. Beheadings are common practice in the country, where more than 150 people were killed this way in 2015 alone, according to numerous human rights organizations.

RT asked analysts whether it was a fair decision, given Riyadh's record.

According to Daoud Khairallah, International Law professor at Georgetown University, “it is absolutely shocking.”

He noted that members of the general assembly, who voted for countries to be represented in the Human Rights Council, are not just ordinary people from the street who could have fallen victim to the “huge propaganda machine that is trying to distort reality.” On the contrary, he said, these people are “in the know” and they “should know at least the records of countries that they are re-electing as members to the UNHRC.”

“It absolutely defies any logic that a country like Saudi Arabia — with a consistent record of violating international law, any kind of civil law inside the kingdom and beyond, a promoter of terrorism” — is being re-elected a member of the human rights body, said Khairallah.

It is also “shocking,” he went on, that the US is supporting Riyadh, given that only recently the American Congress voted to override President Obama’s veto on a bill allowing the families of those killed in the 9/11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia for any role in the terrorist plot.

Despite so many voices in the US and elsewhere in the world saying that Saudi Arabia “has been a promoter of terrorism,” it is Russia that is being punished.

“[Russia] is almost singlehandedly, with some allies, trying to fight terrorism in Syria, and calling on the whole world to fight terrorism – it should be punished for that. Those countries who are voting, who are casting such votes, do they realize what they are doing to the moral authority of this organ that is called the UN Human Rights Council? Do they know what they are doing to the UN’s credibility and moral authority? It is really shocking and shameful for those who have voted for it!”  Khairallah concluded.

Willy Van Damme, investigative journalist says that the UNHRC is a political body whose decisions “never have anything to do with human rights.” 

Read whole story here 

Saudi Arabia’s Appalling Treatment of Women
Saudi Arabia’s ultraconservative interpretation of Sharia has resulted in appalling restrictions on the rights of its citizens. Few groups are as severely restricted in this country as its women.

Rampant executions fuelled by justice system 'riddled with holes' 
Amnesty international
  • Death sentences imposed after unfair trials lacking basic safeguards
  • At least 102 executed in first six months of 2015 compared to 90 in all of 2014
  • Average of one person executed every two days, most by beheading
  • Almost half of executions in recent years are for non-lethal crimes
  • At least 2,208 people executed between January 1985 and June 2015
  • Nearly half of those executed since 1985 were foreign nationals
  • Juvenile offenders, people with mental disabilities among those executed
Seems like the only thing the west and the U.N. voted for lately is to make Russia and It's president the big bad wolf in order to deflect it's failing polices and it's bankrupt finances at home...
 How the h*ll could they have voted saudi arabia in the unhcr over Russia is beyond understanding, other than someone looking for a confrontation, maybe even a little war in order to redirect attention away from the west's problems at home with their own restless population, which is something they have done numerous times in the past in order to strengthen their hold on power..

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Are they (elitists) forcibly trying to change the way we think? Was there ever such a thing as right and left politics?

Unless you have been hiding, you probably noticed the bullsh*t coming out of colleges and university lately.
Safe spaces, words that hurt, Halloween costumes not allowed, Christmas is offensive to a small minority so they ban it, not to mention even some businesses are now afraid to advertise it, but most importantly, the suppression of debate and free speech.
If your in any school, which by now they have invaded even primary and secondary, been a conservative, or simply having any ideas that doesn't follow the dictatorial views of what is considered to be the left, your discriminated against, some even to a point of fearing violence...
The left is no longer about ideas, but corruption at its worse, because what I described up there is suppression of debate, that's totalitarianism folks. Sure there is some individuals who genuinely believe in socialism and whatnot, but when they look at those who are supposed to represent their ideas, once in power, it goes out the window and they are stuck supporting what they know damn well to be pure corruption.

Take feminism for instance;
There is no feminism, there never was, those poor saps who claim the mantle are been manipulated by corrupt "chosen few" to gain power.. There is so much hate, anger from that group that to take their ideas and put them as policy would destroy the fabric of the elitists hold on power, men and women.
In Canada, we have liberals in power, even one who proclaimed "I am a feminist", yet shows up at a mosque whose women where not allowed to sit in front with him, and where put in the back...
They promised all kinds of thing for votes, and once in power, spend with nothing to show for it, passing the needs of their own people, the elderly, the poor, the disabled, the homeless? No!
How can social values of those who believe in left wing policies come true when the money needed for said policies goes to pet projects no one ever voted for. And what does the typical left wing voter do, bite his or her lips, knowing they've been had, and continue to support those who lied to them because they are afraid if they say something they also might be harassed.
The weakness of character of the left is so obvious it's sad, they have been so manipulated by those who claimed to be their voices that even when they know they have been had, they cower and hide in their make believe world.

And still, the trudeaus, obamas and clintons of this world with the help of what is left of the media, amass great personal wealth and a national debt everyone knows is choking the economics safety of their respective nations, yet the lowly left wing supporter comes up with excuses for those who corrupt even the young and their future.
The Eastern world is watching, knowing damn well we can't survive with such corrupt leadership; yes most of them have limited democracy, but in these 2 situations, who is best ready if and when the system falls, the west or the east?
Or is the west trying to imitate this limited democracy themselves...at this point in time, sure looks like it. Problem is, when people evolve in a certain system, in this case democracy and freedom, the easiness to change it, specially to a worse one, is impossible and armed revolution ensues...

Maybe that's what they want, change the way people think of freedom, demean it enough to take total control of our lives, because to me it's hard to believe they are that stupid not to realize they are pushing their own people to a point of no return...but then again, no one ever accused the current leadership of the west to have a vision further than their own enrichment.
I had a discussion with someone who considers himself left wing recently and his excuse was, they are trying to crash the system in order to rebuild it, because the rich have too much power. I had to shake my head for a moment, turned to him and said; "who the h*ll claims to represent the left, all of them are millionaires, rich people, do you really believe they will crash the system and their own finances to get rid of.... THEMSELVES?"

We can't see politics as right or left anymore, because this definition is been used to divide and groups us to fight each other, people have to come up with a sense of reality of what is going on and fight for a better world for our children..
Otherwise they have won and we are all...

But hey, what do we know, as the elitist would say, and think; "They're not important, their opinion doesn't matter, they are just little people", if we were to compare ourselves and the system to a farm, we would be the cows.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Maxime Bernier Conservative Leadership Contestant's pro-family policy.

Duplicitous politicians
Maxime Bernier
Today, 9:38 AMYou
Terry, milk, chicken, and eggs.
We use them every day.
Politicians tell people all the time that they believe in free markets.
But these same politicians force families to pay sky high prices for these family essentials by supporting legal cartels that cut competition out of the market.
This duplicity must end.
Here are the facts:
Canadians are paying double the market price of milk, poultry and eggs.
Politicians push this through price controls and closed markets.
The cost to Canadian families is $2.6 billion annually.
That’s $300-600 extra every year for Canadian families to feed themselves.
This hurts the poor the most.
Nearly 200,000 low-income Canadians are pushed below the poverty line because of supply management.
Duplicitous politicians
Politicians will tell you they support free markets for beef, pork, and grain.
And the same politicians will tell you they support closed markets for milk, poultry and egg. They support price fixing and customer gouging.
That is duplicitous.
They are putting special interests first and families last.
I will put Canadian families first
By establishing a free market for milk, poultry and eggs.
Canadian families will save hundreds of dollars every year.
Help me put Canadian families first.

Hon. Maxime Bernier
Conservative Leadership Contestant
Been a pro-family site, this is a very good policy for families, especially poor ones...
Thing is, with the "say something to get elected then something else once in power" attitude of the modern politician these days, specially during the last election, can we trust what he puts forward...
We'll give him the benefit of the doubt...hopefully he is one of the "few" who will hold on to his word.

Erin burnett outfront; you are fascinated by sex and don't care about public policy...

As I said on previous post, Watching the other side is important so we can see what is going on.
Was watching erin burnett outfront tonight, cnn, (actually 5 min) and again some woman on there (barbara corcoran) explain how Bad wolfie was nice until she was, (surprise surprise) in a private room...(see here if its still there). Something about waving his hands in the air to show how big her breast where.

By now, on a personal opinion, I have a hard time believe their...statements, it's like any man going on some tv station and saying, "hillary clinton asked me how big it was with her hands in the air" would that be on national tv and shouldn't it believed since it was...said?

Now, the rest of the video where she (barbara corcoran) explains how she behaves in a business world seems to have...disappeared, if I can find it i'll link it...not holding my breath.

I went to erin burnett outfront twitter, saw the whole video where this woman said she has a business or is in business, wear short skirt to show her great legs, and then burnett switched to "Trump, sexual predator". So I left a message, "she wears short skirts,2 shows her great legs 2 men(her words on ur show),and u immediately turn to trump is s sexual predator?
Guess what, video now gone...lol...

Now don't get me wrong, she want to wear short skirt to show off her legs, obviously to the men around her and to advance herself, is fine. I have no problem with that, neither does most men, but isn't that sexually suggestive?
Not saying all women do this, Oh but! the f*cking hypocrisy.....

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Did msnbc and chris hayes try to hide what micheal more said??? Racism??? Manipulation??? Corruption???

I tried to find the first part of the interview and guess what, can't find it. Strange?
But the second part where he slobbers over clinton is easy to find. According to him, people should vote for clinton simply because she's a woman. Well America just went through that type of voting 8 years ago, where someone without experience and a belief system that was contrary to the identity of the nation was elected because of who he was personally, how did that turned out? Double the debt, a middle east in chaos, a nation more divided than before, just to name a few. The reality of electing someone should never be because of gender, race or whatever, it should always be about policy, but seems like the establishment depends and promotes the idea that people can be and are treated as sheeples and easy to manipulate.
So be it.

That said.
Coming back to m. moore's interview with chis hayes here is what he said;
"America is no longer a center right nation, liberals won and it's a liberal country".

This one is easy to contradict, if we look on a local level, the idea America is now a liberal nation is B.S.
If he would be truthful and do his homework instead of bull**iting around with his documentaries, he would be honest enough to admit that since 30 of the individual states have center right  republican governors, the idea that all is now liberal is not even on the map. The real reason the obamas, clintons and trudeaus of this world get elected is because the head of state is seen as a figure head position, unfortunately, thanks to the main stream media.
The establishment and the elitists have turn the oval office into a imperialistic position, your not allowed to criticize, the position is almost god like...ya ok.
How did that policy work out for the Romans when they took power away from the people's representative in the senate and gave to to their emperors?
It produced corruption and power centralized in one person, and began the fall of an empire, then we had those who should never have been in power, caligula, nero so on... Because it was imperial and god like, no one dared to resist, Rome fell, then civil wars finally the dark ages...
(Sound familiar?)

The true identity of western nations is best identifies by how people vote state wise, and as we can see the united states of America is still a center-right country when we look at it that way, something moore and friends refuse to admit and manipulated their idealism to fit their own twisted views.

"The 10,000 years rule of the white man is over".
We don't have to go back 10,000 years for that one, just a few of them.
Let's look at this from a left wing liberal argument, (as if they ever make sense),
WHAT A RACIST REMARK!!!. (Their way of thinking not mine)
Again, if he would have researched and did his homework before opening his mouth he would know that European civilization hasn't been around that long, there has been other race with a history worth sharing...
Before and in between...
Egyptian empire, (north African)
Babylonian, Persian, Ottoman empires (Middle East)
Mongol empire (Asian)
Toltec, Aztec, Mayan, Inca, (the Americas)
There's more, but you get the point.
All of which where either more advance or militarily more powerful than his 10,000 white men definition.
When someone picks on one race with lies or misinformation, isn't that racism, according to left wing thinking?

People like moore, hayes, maddow, blitzer, lemon, on and on, are the same people who corrupted the roman republic, turning it into an imperial one and brought about its fall. History is full of these types of people, personal enrichment and power at the expense of what is good for the people.

And if we look deeper into the fall of nations and empires, we see the same thing happening now in America.
Turning the Presidency into an imperial seat, and that is the beginning of a very bad idea.
Will the U.S. follow the same path, hard to tell, because of the way it is structured, state rights might prevail.
Or someone might wake up and direct it, with the recognition of localized power, away from imperialism and use the true power of that country, state and it's people to put ot back where it was meant to be.
The world needs that kind of defense of democracy, hopefully it will be done soon and peaceful, because the alternative of the current direction, to install people to the office of the Presidency by the very few over the heads of it's people's wishes might not end up so peacefully.

The Trump effect...
Sometime I wonder if the Trump effect might not be about the man, but the tool to make a statement.
To put someone the establishment wants smells of a sheeple belief they are better and even know more than it's people. Using the Trump candidacy might be the last chance to take back what belongs to the people through a long yell;

We inform, you decide.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Globalism gone wild; Ontario has another tax on the way. Taxing a tax.

This has nothing to do with fighting climate change, but to grab more money from peoples wallet to pay for their failing financial policies...
Why are we paying for china and india, they are the main polluters, not us?
As if we are not taxed enough, this will cost not only jobs because businesses will go somewhere else, but pain for families. (as in your hydro bill, food, so on)
Our last chance for our civilization to survive in the west are people like Trump and Kevin O'leary, if people like clinton and trudeau and wynne, continue to be elected because of who they are, instead of policies that benefit our own, we are...screwed...
Such is globalism in action. We pay and suffer, for others. These people act as if they don't like their own citizens, What's their true thinking? we have too much and should be taken down?
None of this makes any sense anymore, nor can this type of governing survive...
All bubbles eventually bursts...are they that stupid not to see; if it does burst and we go into financial ruin, they will be blamed and pay for what they have done?
Is this what they are trying to do? Destroy capitalism, crash it, then put their own socialism policies in place? (which in the history of the world, never worked) Sure as hell looks that way...

As for climate change... be informed.

The N.C. Chronicles is not here to change your mind, but only to inform.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Satanic Temple Wants Your Kids After School

The Satanic Temple is seeking to create after-school programs for children in nine US school districts, to counter fundamentalist Christian options which they believe are a violation of laws governing the separation of church and state.

The same organization has previously attempted to have a statue of Satan installed on the grounds of two state capitols, in protest of other religious monuments.

Their efforts in Oklahoma, in response to a Ten Commandments monument, were successful: the state Supreme Court eventually banned all religious displays on capitol grounds, to avoid having to display an eight-foot bronze Satan.

The group has also previously attempted to lead so-called Satanic invocations at city council meetings, in protest of Christian prayers being used for the same purpose.

Now, the Temple has their sights set on the Child Evangelism Fellowship Good News Clubs, after-school programs that teach the Christian bible on public school grounds. The school districts targeted include those in the states of Utah, Georgia, California, Florida, Oregon, Washington state, Missouri, Maryland and Arizona.
Read the rest here.

 Here’s a glimpse inside Satanic Temple’s new headquarters in Salem (VIDEO)
In every healthy society, one has to have limitations, specially when it comes to teaching the young. 

If evil is thought as a normal thing then all it represents will be seen as normal. 
Morality goes out the door, and immoral behavior flourishes.
Such a society cannot survive....

 So, you say it does  not concern you or your kids? It's not anywhere near you? Good for you.
But remember this, evil expands, give it time...it will reach out.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Are these wars and talk of wars been used in slowly eroding our freedoms? Yes!

We have gone from DEFCON 5 to DEFCON 3. Bombers ready to take off in 15 minutes, missiles on launch warning. And the American people are going to vote for this …. again. Have we sunk so low and  been rendered so stupid?
Remember the sweet, safer days of George W. After smashing and bashing him, the left has delivered us here. Everyday it’s some new horror. And what is every news network reporting on? Trump’s libido, of course.
US nuclear attack warning ‘upgraded to level 3’ as Russian threat goes ‘beyond Cold War’ Daily Star, October 13, 2016:
AMERICA is edging closer to nuclear armageddon after upgrading its attack “defence readiness”, it has been claimed.

The defense readiness condition, dubbed DEFCON, is an alert system used by the US military to indicate the risk of nuclear war. The system has five levels of readiness, or states of alert, increasing in severity from DEFCON 5 – the least severe – to DEFCON 1 – the most severe.he current DEFCON level is understood to be 5 – the lowest state of readiness.
The CIA is prepping for possible cyber strike against Russia (NBC News)
The Obama administration is contemplating an unprecedented cyber covert action against Russia in retaliation for alleged Russian interference in the American presidential election, U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News.
If its covert, why are they telling us?
Read whole story here. 

 Putin Issues Bone Chilling Order That Instantly Grabs World’s Attention
“The current times are different and more dangerous …”

A new order from Russian leader Vladimir Putin has stirred fears across the globe that Russia is preparing for a massive conflict.

Russia has ordered all government officials to fly home any relatives living abroad, including college students regardless of any impact this has on their studies.

“This is all part of the package of measures to prepare elites to some ‘big war,’” said Russian political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky.

“It’s a fallacy to think that this is like the Cold War. The current times are different and more dangerous,” German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said of the rising tensions between Russia and the West.

However it has long been discussed that one major incident could easily start up possibly the most cataclysmic war to ever hit planet Earth. China has recently started to prepare as if this war may finally be erupting. China has officially told their citizens to prepare for the start of World War 3. The call came from the Chinese minister of defense in Chang Wanquan.
Not taking sides but, if we look at the Russian history, Napoleon, and more recent, Hitler and operation Barbarossa, and the massing of troop on their border before invasion and now with NATO slowly encroaching on their country, one can understand why the Russians are so nervous. Instead of giving them room, NATO is putting missiles and troops close to their country...How would the U.S. like it if they would do the same in Canada and Mexico, or Cuba. (Oh wait, they did that in the 1960's and we almost lost our civilization)
The "we can, but you can't" policy, NATO has adopted when it come to Russia is aggressive. The idea Russia can conquer the west is ridiculous, they just don't have the conventional army to do it.
If Canada or Mexico would adopt a pro-Russian policy, economic and military, like Ukraine has done, would the U.S. simply watch and say, "they have the right to do this"? Not bloody likely, they would do exactly what the Russians have done. Look up the Monroe doctrine.

As for China, it has never been a conquering nation, unlike Europe, their economic and military power is immense, the idea the elitist keep on throwing at us through their media that they are not a big danger and they could defeat them easily is bullshit. Just like the crap they have been saying about Russia. The combination of both their military is by far the most powerful, surpassing the U.S..
Does that mean we should be afraid of them, of course not, but we should not just sit back and accept everything the western elitists tell us, it's not them who would suffer in this war, after all they would hide in their bunkers, (aka: their rat holes) and after they are all done reducing the population, they would come out and try to re-establish themselves again as if nothing happened.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist but, when they try to hide corruption by talking about some video a man said 11 years ago, or bring out unsubstantiated accusations instead of realities and policies, you know something is wrong with this picture.
The American government, (not it's people) are trying their best to deviate the problem they caused financially, with wars and cries of war, am I the only one who thinks this is terribly dangerous?

The political elitists of the west know damn well it's own population is restless about their corruption, so rattle the sword, find a war and the problem is solved?

It is the responsibility of every-man, to make sure his family, his circle, his community is safe from all threats,
and if I may borrow from the oath of allegiance of the U.S.;
"against all enemies, foreign and domestic;"
If a man has forfeited this responsibility to the state, he has already given up his freedom and that of his surroundings to those who consider themselves....above all others, including their own population.

We inform, you decide.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Back and really pissed....Farewell the the ideals of true democracy..It was a good idea while it lasted.

The reason I have stayed away, is; I am so disgusted by the way politics and the western world is been run that it actually scares me...Dept and deficits to a point of financial crash, manipulating our democracies even where non-citizens, are allowed to vote in order to gain power, elected fools who should either be in jail or nowhere near elected office...they get elected for who they are, race, looks, gender, instead of policy that benefits the citizenry...People are told one thing during an election, and once in power, something totally different is done in our name, telling us we voted for them so we have to accept it all. Their favorite phrase has always been, "it's the way the system works". Like hell it is. And most are just sick of been told how to think or vote.

I could name names, but what's the use, we can see clearly who they are, on both side of the aisle, there is no opposition outside of them uniting to oppose and destroy anyone who is not one of them or does not do what they consider to be their way, if one such person does come up the ranks, well...watched the news lately? It's unfolding before our eyes right now.

The corruption is so obvious that we can no longer find anyone who is honest and proud to serve. They (the self styled elitist) actually believe and behave as if they are better than their own population, they are what is knows throughout history as the IMPERIAL elite, and when we find ourselves in that situation, we know where that ends up...REVOLUTION. What we are left with is the bottom of the barrel of politics, because we are so use to the crap and crooked individuals that we are immune to the realities that is staring us right in the face.
We, the west, western Europe, Canada, America., are heading for a fall, and it's gonna hurt...
There is no way back, the corrupt are too entrenched...
They are even talking about nuclear war as if it's survivable and normal...
They destroy countries, create hate and terrorism, but if someone outside the west even tries to fix things or involve themselves the same way they did, well, that's not acceptable??? WTF???

To be honest, writing about it no longer makes a difference, the main stream media is in on it, cbc, ctv, global, nbc, abc, cbs, msnbc, cnn, and even most of fox....are actually controlled by those who keep on taking, and now they are so confident of their power, that the freedoms our parents and grandparents enjoyed and fought so hard for, is all but gone, which they have been taking for the past few decades, one piece at a time, and you know what?
We can see it, but we do...nothing...
Whose fault is it? theirs or ours?
After all, they can't take or exist in that corrupt realm, unless we let it happen...
I would say wake up...but in my honest opinion...it's too late.

Take this ridiculous carbon tax for instance, there are more but let's look at that stupidity...
Everything we need for a stable family life is going to cost more, food, housing, products, hydro, fuel...etc.
Does anyone really believe big corporations are going to absorb this tax, or pass it down to the consumer? As if things don't cost too much already.
Who believes the main polluters of this world will implement this tax or the Paris green energy accord?
China, India and others are building even more coal plants, while we in the west are paying billions of our tax dollars to enrich producers of so called green energy, which by the way, hardly works.
You know whats sad, everyone knows it's a frigging tax grab, yet people say nothing and resign themselves to accept it, because they have been conditioned to believe the power lies in the few, instead of the masses...

Who is greedy? Us, or them?
I'll say it again; whose fault is it? Ours or theirs?

Greed includes  power and financial gain, one doesn't exist without the other, and it goes all the way down from federal, state, provincial, county, municipal, bureaucracies, so on...
Sure, there is the very few who want to do the right thing, but once in the system, they eventually join the rest, realizing nothing changes, because corruption rules the day...

There is one last chance for us to make a statement, the establishment vs the outsider, we know who the establishment is, (read above), but is the outsider? one person?
Or is the outsider the voter?
Do we make a statement, "we had enough" and use what is in front of us to make said statement once and for all, or do we resign ourselves and admit, we are nothing but sheep and continue with the status quo?
And put corruption in power for one more time at the expense of our families?
The west was at one time, a good idea, but like all other system, it became imperial, and when that happens, it's just a matter of time until it falls under it's own weight, and the system we vote for is extremely fat and wants even more....
Are we going to give it to them? WILLINGLY...
We will find out soon enough...