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Friday, July 29, 2016

Women are fighting back against radical hateful feminism...support is fading.

Stop the man bashing. It’s time to fight back against feminism
By Corrine Barraclough

When most Australian women weren’t looking, feminism stopped being about equal rights and opportunities. It morphed into the pursuit of absolute power.

Radical feminism shouldn’t be allowed to hijack our fight against domestic violence.
I recently asserted DV isn’t a male problem, it’s society’s problem; I was called a “misogynist”, “traitor” and “disgrace”.
Believing in equality doesn’t make anyone a misogynist. Contrary to a harmful, brainwashing feminist TV advertising campaign, men aren’t born evil perpetrators.
Bullying is never excusable, despite your cause. Clearly, feminism only cares about women who agree with their agenda.
Both men and women are capable of domestic violence.
The Queensland Government Department of Communities report found that more than one in three domestic and family violence protection orders issued by the Magistrate Court were issued to protect men.
And one in three victims of current partner violence during a 12 month period were male, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

I was warned to “back off” — so I carried on. I found Erin Pizzey, internationally famous for starting the first domestic violence shelter in the modern world, in 1971. She focused on removing victims of domestic abuse from abusers, breaking the cycle.
Initially aligned with the British Women’s Liberation Movement, she distanced herself upon discovering “its Marxist base”.
In 1974, her mission was hijacked by a gender agenda. “I never saw Women’s Aid as a movement that was hostile to men but militant feminists made it clear that men were the enemy,” Pizzey says.
She continued to open shelters, research, write and maintain dialogue with doctors, researchers and frontline carers with genuine interest in understanding, not blame.
She remained committed to finding root causes despite death threats from militant feminists. She’s written 22 books, most recently This Way to the Revolution, and won awards around the world.

In her study titled Comparative Study of Battered Women and Violence-Prone Women, she distinguished between “genuine battered women” and “violence-prone women”.
The study reports 62 per cent of a sample population were more accurately described as “violence prone”. Subsequent worldwide studies have confirmed mutuality of domestic violence.
In her book Prone to Violence, she expressed concern “nobody seemed to genuinely want to find out why violent people treat each other the way they do”.
In 2009 she said she had never been a feminist because “having experienced my mother’s violence, I always knew that women can be as vicious and irresponsible as men”.
Fascinating international research is housed on Pizzey’s website, whose tagline states “Violence has no gender”.
Research includes Partner Abuse State of Knowledge Project (PASK), the world’s largest domestic violence research database; 2,657 pages with summaries of 1,700 peer-reviewed studies.
While research on partner abuse has become fragmented and politicised, PASK brings together evidence-based, transparent, methodical knowledge.
Research shows 24 per cent of individuals assaulted by a partner at least once in their lifetime — 23 per cent for females, 19.3 per cent for males.

Pizzey is 77, has had a stroke and battled cancer. Speaking to me from her London bedsit financially ruined, heartbroken and hurt she says: “It’s a sad end to a life lived with good intentions...
“Gendered domestic violence is a fraudulent claim. Billions of dollars has been wasted claiming only men abuse women. The roots of domestic violence lay in generational family violence and dysfunction. It’s become the biggest fraudulent movement in history, destroying men’s human rights. Men will die for their country but now have no voice in their own homes. How was this allowed to happen? It’s catastrophic.
“Experience is the architect of the brain. We have to look at violent patterns, teach other strategies for survival, learn how to transcend our background. Statistics show women are far more violent to children.”
We don’t have to believe Erin Pizzey has all the answers, but she has some. Certainly, third wave feminism currently engulfing us isn’t about equality.
Valuable research shouldn’t be silenced because it doesn’t suit a dogmatic feminist agenda.
We want people leading the charge who believe in peace and equality. Where’s the equality in saying, “We stop violence at the source, and the source is men”?
Erin Pizzey tells me: “It’s time to fight back.” She’s right.
When you read this article and come upon "feminism is gaining ground" one realizes that feminism and their few supporters are in clear denial, on one hand they print 82% don't consider themselves feminists, yet try to push their pro feminist agenda by saying it's gaining ground.
Come on now, you can't have it both ways., but considering they are supporting clinton, who is the queen of contradiction, it's not surprising. 
As for them saying "but they believe in equality", well duuhhh!, we all believe in equality, even the most radical of men's sites do. 
But as the post above explains, it's the radical feminist who don't, which by the way, most are radical lesbians, not that there is anything wrong with that, but we don't see gay men's site demonizing women now do we?

Even here in Canada, they had to admit, the movement, (if we can call it that), is loosing ground.
 “Do you consider yourself a feminist?” may have been the thorniest. When we reported today that the majority of 1,000 women polled — a full 68 percent — said they do not call themselves a feminist, Twitter lit up with people surprised and even a bit upset by the result.
When Chatelaine asked 40-odd women the question on camera last month, many struggled with the word itself, not necessarily the ideas feminism espouses.
Taking into consideration this poll comes from chatelaine, it's a little controlled.
At least the nytimes poll put in those who where "unsure" that means they where afraid or reserved in saying they where not.
Put those who where "unsure" and did not want to answer in the chatelaine poll and you probably have a higher number.

So, why is it, the numbers for feminism and their supporters is falling so fast?
Many reasons, one is the hateful rhetoric coming from the radicals...

 (this is from the local women's shelter in Carleton place Ontario.
(And this one...among many more, click here)

the weakness of their supporters, which are seen as manginas by women themselves, 
 These 2 made a video apologizing for been men...lol.

 (And where is freedom and equality in this messed up world 
if men do not sacrifice their own lives and fight for it???)

but mostly by the men's rights websites that have popped up in the past few years. (some run by women themselves)

What most of these radicals fail to understand or accept, because of their blind hate for men, is, you can't have rights for one, without the other, women have sons, that they do not "raise to be abusive", they have fathers, brothers, friends who are not what these hateful people describe.
When you lie, or demonize, without reason, 
  (remember this guy, lands a probe on a speeding comet, 
but the feminists attack him for his shirt?)
it comes back to bite you in the ass.

Feminism,, did not give rights to women, or anyone else for that matter, it was the fight of good men and women together that did this, they just hung around and claimed the results for themselves.
They always failed to recognize men love the women around them and vice versa, we all want our daughters and sons to achieve their dreams. 

In closing;
Feminism is done, as we can plainly see with their falling support, and it's self inflicted, by their own action.
They have been tagged as hateful and their supporters (males) as weak and useless. 
This is not something they can come back from, even if leaders declare themselves to be one of them for political expediency.
Oh sure, there will always be some, who will try to increase their numbers by trying to call themselves something else, but there place in the light in quickly fading, we will always be here, men and women, who believe that human rights is for all human or no one.
 I have had many battles with the local feminists, they have clearly exposed themselves for what they are, which I have documented on this site.
Angry "people" (and I use the word loosely), who have no love for themselves, if you dare to befriends one of those, it's only a matter of time before they turn on you, it's inevitable because of their character.
Dark people or dark ideas never find a strong place in society, they always fade away, and feminism is no different.  

We still have work to do, to guaranty a safe and productive place in society for those who come after us, groups like this, who see a chance for power and financial benefit will always try to divide and profit, but if we remain diligent and respect each other, things will work out just fine.


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