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Thursday, June 30, 2016

This Is How Men Can Become Better Feminist Allies....(or manginas)

This...is why feminism has reach it's limits and is on it's way out. Thanks to their mangina allies.
We who live in the real world, (men and women who are secure in their identity), know damn well that in order to have a balanced life and society, must recognize our differences in order to help each other, a man cannot be a woman, and vice versa, men must respect the place of women in the circle, and women must respect men's place. Not one is above the other and to try to replace what nature gave us is destructive.
Our very differences is what gives us our capability to build, nurture and create, if we no longer have those differences, we loose part of ourselves. It's like a relationship, if one controls the other, then the others ideas are suppressed and advancement is stale and has no chance to evolve into a better union.
Feminism is based on hatred of that understanding, they are insecure and want to be men, and their "allies" the manginas give up their identity to provide and protect, therefore opening up abuse by those who consider themselves better than the rest.
Males like the one below, (bobby box) have an inferiority complex and have given up their true identity, they feel insecure besides real men so try to make themselves important by siding with those who hate them.
In the years we have watched feminism and their manginas, written about them, we have seen their decline to a point of them becoming terribly irrelevant, and a joke.
The last of that cult is dependent on men (ironic) who claim to be feminists or feminist allies, because most women have walked away from them, realizing they can't do it without men, and again...vice versa.
That said, read this "crap" (below) and then ask yourself if you would feel safe and secure beside those who describe themselves and then ask other to be like them....then look at the world and the mess it is in, conflict, economy, greed, poverty, elitism, so on...see if this is what will bring true peace and equality, the way they want...problem is, countries, terrorist organizations, rogue states, are not on the decline but on their way up...why is that...simple, weakness...and when you show weakness, it is taken advatange by your enemies.
This Is How Men Can Become Better Feminist Allies (bobby cox)
(you can either laugh or throw up after you done reading it, if you can read it all without getting upset.)

Once you read this...
(how to be a better mangina, who would not be able to provide or give ones life to protect others, ask yourself if it fits into your view of what a true stable society is...)

Read the comments on that site...
(Here is a few)
Nobody hates women as much as feminists hate women, including male "feminist allies."

I'm a woman and the last thing I need is men like you. Please shut up with this stuff, you're nobody's ally.

So if the genders are equal then this should apply to females too?

"3rd wave feminism is, at its core, a supremacist movement that has as its goal the destructionof the family unit

"Instead of assuming the accused is innocent until proven guilty" What the hell is this!?
Also i should befriend women just to understand my privilege? That's not a good reason at all. What about just be friends for the sake of it?

Male feminist allies?? Isn't that as stupid as a Jew dressing up as a Nazi?? Lol.

A male feminist is just as peculiar and ironic as a Jewish Nazi or a black KKK member.

This is an excellent guide for dating fat women with blue hair...

Feminism - always infantilizing women and blaming men.

This article is incredible, shows all the stupid and bullshit that feminist want you to believe. Stop telling man how to behave!

Name me one right that I have as a man that women do not posess. I'll wait.

...you realize your views on their b*llshit and their adaptation to weakness is not the idea of a few, but of the majority... once you understand this reality, maybe you also will begin to express your independent opinions away from what your are told to believe by a corrupt media,
 in order to give the next generation a fighting chance, the way the last one did for us.

Terrorist organizations, rogue nations, totalitarianism, elitists, the greedy, are counting on cults like feminism and their manginas, among others, to weaken our resolve and if you say nothing they are the ones your really helping, because one day they will realize their time has come because the population has been so weaken that one person will stand and promise change at our expense...
It has happened before and we are headed in the same direction.
No matter what you believed feminism and organizations such as this where at on time...
It's not what they are today...but don't take it from us...
Take it from them...
Here is a few more...
(Remember, they are talking about your Fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, friends...the soldier who gave is life for your freedom to be who you wish to be)

The point to all this is; Are you your own person, with all the gifts and the faults that go with it, or are you what "they" want you to be, and what are you going to pass down to your kids and the next generation? Your strength or your weaknesses?
The choice is and never was theirs, it's all up to you.

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Douglas said...

Bobby Box has put together a list of why you should blame men for any & all problems in the world, always find excuses when women do wrong instead of holding them to account and then pretend to want equality by systematically pretending you don't do either of the aforementioned.

This rather sad specimen of a man....