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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

John Cleese: Political Correctness Can Lead to an Orwellian Nightmare

Free speech, freedoms, democracy, all depend on accepting that someone, some group, will have a different opinion than you. Unfortunately, this is not the practice or respect, the elite are promoting, nor is it what their sheoples are following.

This has produced, an unequal society, worse than before. In the past we also had our differences, but we did not go around shaming or trying to shut down dissent, all had a voice, all had a place.
None tried to shove in the face the others lifestyle or beliefs by force, we had a live and let live attitude. If we didn't agree with something we expressed it, but also with the understanding that all had the right to exist in peace...Our primary goals been the safety, physically and emotionally of the next generation (kids).

In today's twisted society of; "you have no choice or say, otherwise your a phobia this and a (rac)ist that", and anything else they can think of to shut down opposition and freedom of speech, we can see the slow deterioration of that freedom, one little piece at a time. They even use kids as a propaganda tool to promote a certain view of the future, (theirs), instead of letting evolution of the mind take place.
This policy has produced two sides, resentful of each other and evolving into hatred. When a society has reached this point, it is irreparably damaged. More laws are passed to try to control the situation, yet those who pass them are too stupid and fearful of loosing their power, to realize they are the cause of the destructive divisions.

Repeating history seems to be humanities curse, the imposition of one over the other, always results in confrontation. It is...inevitable.
The question remains; What will this coming confrontation look like?

A society without balance is doomed to failure, a forceful "our way is best" policy has never worked and always resulted in conflict.
The politically correct, the social justice warrior, the feminist and her mangina, the weak minded the sheople and the betas, are stalin's commissars, hitler's gestapo, mao's red guard of the future if they are given a chance...
If we, the realist, are not careful, we will find ourselves in a situation we did not create or want. We have to make a decision, is this good for the next generation, or do we put a stop to it?
The future depends on what we do next, after all, we are the majority.

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