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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

‘I am a feminist,’ Trudeau tells UN crowd; throws money at it like a drunken sailor. At the expense of Canadians.

‘I am a feminist,’ Trudeau.
Tried to give it some time, but as time goes by, seems like someone's loyalties are not national but global.
From his claims to be a boxer, a bouncer (lol) or whatever this selfie queen will claim next week, what we have here is a male with a terrible inferiority complex, who makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth. At the g7 meeting he tried to convince the other leaders deficit spending was the way to go, forgetting it was tried and now they are almost bankrupt because it did not work for the long run, they simply shoved him aside as a little boy who wants attention rather than been realistic.

He is so shielded from reality by his handlers, he fails to realize what people thinks of him.
He actually believes he's famous and not a joke, I guess the manipulation of polls by the CBC is what he relies on for information.
Any inferiority complex like this guy has, shows signs of some disorder, his rationalism makes no sense at all, it's like he is stuck in a past which he dearly wants to bring back. His admiration for China's government shows how far he would go, given a chance.
Want to see how brown his nose will get, wait to see if clinton gets elected, God forbid.
Anyone from the male species who claims to be a feminist is a ...MANGINA. Case close.

Feminism is dead, has been for a while, it's sad remnant is composed of hate filled cat loving ol'ladies, man hating lesbians with their inferiority complex, mangina supporters or some little girls with the intelligence of a gnat.

As for making a speech to the U.N. women's conference, could be a worth while endeavor, there is a lot of abuse in third world countries against girls especially in his favorite area, the muslim world, except they do not really address that, do they, don't want to offend those who really abuse women I guess. The problem is, when did you even seen the U.N. and it's corrupt bureaucracy do any good lately. Want to waste your time, make a speech at the U.N.

Take a good look at the current government in Canada, remnant of the last liberal government a generation ago. Which for now, till they get tired of this spoiled man-child, are playing the games, spending billions on his pet projects outside the country, all the while forgetting our elderly, poor, vets, and all population inside Canada.
Homeless seniors doubled in four years
The number of homeless veterans in Canada is soaring
Families ‘devastated’ by changes to Ontario autism program
Overhaul means hundreds of children 5 and over no longer eligible for intensive treatment funded by the province.

The liberal government under Chretien, in the 90's was a somewhat responsible one, gave us jobs and surpluses, financial respect throughout the world and was fairly good at what they did.
But this one, holy sh*t, what a joke, my guess is, the power behind the party are waiting for an opportunity to get rid of this man-child and his narcissism.

If that's not enough, this came out of this man-child's mouth recently;
“It’s time for Canada to step up once again,” Trudeau said, adding later, it was time to choose “engagement over isolation.”
Where has this guy been in the past 12 years????
Or doesn't these people count???
One hundred and fifty-eight (158) Canadian Armed Forces members lost their lives in service while participating in our country’s military efforts in Afghanistan.
Fallen Canadian Armed Forces Members
How much can Canada step it up according to this...feminist.
What is the current governments idea of stepping up?
Trudeau, majority of Liberal MPs vote against ISIS ‘genocide’ motion

As for the 50-50 gender policy of his admirers at the U.N. feminist conference, good luck with that. I guess 50-50 is more important than feeding the millions who are starving to death. Most people understand that in order to run a company or be on a board, does not depend on what's between one's legs, but experience. If not, then someone that's chosen for it's gender and not their expertise will bury said business to the ground. People's lives and security depends on the stability of the financial institutions around them, to feed a family, to send kids to college, not on some irresponsible man-child who acts like he was just given a new toy.

In closing;
Trying to live or trying to bring one's university left wing experience in government is a recipe for disaster. That twisted understanding of the world is not based on realities, but wishful thinking, safe space, words that hurt, men all bad, been white is a bad thing, everyone is racist, is a negative connotation of a f*cked up ideal of a non-existent world.
There is no feminist world, never will be, (and if their is part of the world that went feminist well it ended up a disaster, just look at Sweden,) because it promotes weakness and breeds week people, specially in the male species, as we can see, it also bring about a number of those who suffer an inferiority complex all their lives to try to impose their insecurities on others.
We all have a place in this world, trying to lift one group above the other is a thing of the past, feminism and their manginas will never understand that.
For the rest of us, we want our sons and daughters to achieve according to their own gifts and strengths, their own choice, not someone else's twisted idealism.
Weak men makes for a weak nation, women's rights are better protected with a society of real men, not some twig armed wannabe, who suffer from insecurities passed down by those around him.

Our neighbors to the south took that road 8 years ago, look where it got them, no further advanced, racial divide, practically bankrupt, and if anyone dares not to follow that destructive pattern, as we can see, he or she is a...racist, islamophobe, right wing extremist and every ism and phobia they can think of, and if we dare to express an opposing opinion, they try to threaten the very people who assures freedom and democracy, for it's not the lost values of the left that defends human rights, with their safe room that's for sure.
 We all go through making mistakes, giving too much power to the weak-minded among us is one we should try to avoid.

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