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Friday, June 3, 2016

Husband ARRESTED after fatally beating man who was trying to RAPE his wife

If someone is trying to rape your wife, are you supposed to just stand there? Or ask him politely to stop, like some sissy or Swede?

In New York, a 61-year-old man received a call from his wife that someone had broken into their home and tried to rape her. She was only able to call her husband because her clothes had been torn off, and her sister helped pull the man off her.

In the midst of the fray, the woman was able to grab a phone and saw her husband's number first.

“I took my phone and see my husband's number first. I pressed the number. I made a loud noise, screaming, 'Please, help me! Help me! Call the police!' They he slapped me again. The phone is falling, but I was making noise so my husband could hear the noise,” she said.

According to Fox, upon hearing this, Mamadou Diallo ran inside of his home and encountered 43-year-old Earl Nash in the hallway of his Bronx apartment. It was there that Diallo beat Nash with a tire iron.

Nash was rushed to the hospital, but did not survive his injuries. Diallo was later arrested and charged with manslaughter.

According to DNA Info, Nenagale Diallo opened the door when Nash knocked, thinking it was one of her kids. Once Nash forced his way inside, Nenagale said he told her he was going to rape her and struck her multiple times as he tore her clothes off.

In addition to attempting to rape Diallo's wife, Nash has a long history of crimes. He had reportedly been arrested more than a dozen times since 1997.
Hopefully this will end up self defense, hopefully someone down the line will understand that when a "man, that's a REAL MAN" sees a woman, specially his wife been raped, he goes into beast mode, and some can't stop because of the furor, it nature itself, that's what we do...
But in this f*cked up western world, where some don't know where to pee, who knows how this is going to go.

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