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Sunday, June 12, 2016

FIFTY dead: MASS MURDER at GAY BAR by MUSLIM terrorist

FIFTY dead in Florida MASS MURDER at GAY BAR by MUSLIM terrorist
They refuse to admit, there will be, if it's not here already, a clash of culture, they teach in schools, to kids, stuff that people from other culture (islam) hate, and expect things to be rosy. They shove it in people's faces and tell them they have no choice but to accept, again refusing to admit, that with this kind of changes must come limitation and specially balance.

Fifty innocent people killed, doing their own thing, in their own community, we can't blame them, but we can blame the radicals, who want the world according to their ways, and damn be anyone else's opinions...all the while bringing in a culture that hates them with a passion.

So, whose fault is it, that hate seems to be on the rise? We can blame the P.C. crowd, the inexperienced politicians, the elite, those who bring in, a cheap labor force in order to keep salaries down, profits up, at the expense of the rest...no balance means chaos...

This is just disgusting, there will be plenty of blame to go around, dems will blame republicans, (reports say the shooter was a democrat by the way), and democrats will use this to promote gun controls instead of looking at the policies that are the cause of all this
We have to take a minute and stop what we are doing and realize, not all the world see's thing the way the west does..if not, this will happen again,..

Live feed about this ISLAMIC TERRORIST massacre from
Fox news


Under the present administration, it has been the 20th mass shooting. (according to fox news)
Will they finally admit there is a problem with radical Islam???
Maybe we should listen closely to people (politicians) who have decided to say...enough?
Instead of pandering to those who want to kill innocent people? and impose their will on us?

Western leaders refuse to call it for what it is, Radical Islamic terrorism...


Anonymous said...

*religion of peace*


BlackWolf said...

Ya...and they want to bring in more...