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Thursday, June 2, 2016

CBC, elitists, establishment, Panel in Fear of Kevin O'Leary as Conservative Leader

What a bunch of sad sacks...good ol'cbc, trying to guide people on who to support...f*cking losers. I speak french and english, and I would vote for someone who wants to return thing to normality, doesn't matter one bit, what language he or she speaks. They (idiot above) are so out of touch it's unbelievable...Tinkerbell the selfie queen speaks both languages, and look at the financial damages he's doing in financing his pet projects outside the country while Canadians are homeless. The idea that one must speak both language shows how the elitist has no idea on how the rest of the population really thinks.
Who the h*ll listens to these fools anymore...
They should be afraid...they are the ones we despise..they created the mess we are in...
Listen carefully what all those low lives are saying, didn't learn a thing, its exactly word for word, what the American media said about Donald Trump in the begining. ..frigging out of touch idiots.
Spitting out propaganda as if we are to stupid to figure it out.


Anonymous said...


Automatic attempted shaming-typical liberal cowshit.

O'leary would destroy each and every one of them and they f'n know it.



BlackWolf said...

Ya, I got the same thing from them talking.