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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Brexit, trudeau and feminism...this is definitely a head scratcher.

Is Justin Trudeau suggesting the British are anti women? What does feminism have to do with anything? For crying out loud this is a guy who gives billions to Indonesia's infrastructure. A country that is partly ruled under sharia law a law that sees women as second class citizens! This is a guy who sits back and let's Isis enslave women all over the Middle East and promises to do nothing about it even if Isis attacks us. This is also a guy who told a woman to get the fuck out of my way! Who's really anti female?
The more of these crazy comments Trudeau makes the more I continue to think he is doing some heavy drugs. I honestly think someone needs to launch an investigation to see if Trudeau's state of mind. I'm not even joking, I think something is very wrong with him. Who in their right mind would suggest the U.K. is anti female?
Courtesy of...CANADIANS AGAINST THE NDP AND LIBERALS (information & facts).
Been critical of his pro-global policies at the expense of Canadians, but this goes beyond that, he's going to make us all look bad...no one in the world is going to take us seriously with this thing at the helm of the country...what the h*ll is wrong with this guy??? 
Look justy, relax with the feminism crap for a while and put your pants back on ...I mean really?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A feminist on minute,Islam supporter the next.

He has no idea wtf he is doing.

Train wreck waiting to happen.