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Friday, June 24, 2016

Aaron - the pro-life film that has touched tens of thousands

One of the best pro-life short films in recent memory. The surprise ending will leave tears in your eyes!
Abortion, without balance is one of the main reason the west is in free fall...
The west's population is in decline and cannot be sustained...that's why the greedy, the elite are bringing in so many refugees, they need bees to replenish the hive with workers, they don't care one bit on the friction it is causing...
Specially when it comes to women's rights, bringing in those who do not believe in them or western values is a recipe for disaster.
And it all started with the radical feminist and her hatred for herself...she hates been a woman, pregnancy to her is...a disease. They even tried and are still trying to destroy the traditional family.
We know women who get abortion suffer physically and emotionally, yet this is never brought up, or recognized. When a destructive policy is encouraged over personal well been, that's where humanity has chosen the wrong path and it's future is in doubt.
Look it up for yourself, stop believing what they say, what the media tells you to believe, all the info is at your fingertip, the next generation depends on you.

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