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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trudeau channels his inner feminist on Snapchat - tells men how to stop being sexist

When is this guy going to stop making a fool of himself???
As for the shrug statement he made at the u.n...
Yes people do shrug when a male claims to be a feminist like he does, as in "what a mangina".
It's coming to a point now that people do shrug, followed by; "Ya, it's trudeau, what do you expect?"
Did he just claim that women are so weak that they can't defend themselves if someone interrupts them and need to be protected?
I thought equality meant they are as capable as men???? Specially when it comes to a debate???
Seems to me, he think women are not strong enough to keep up or stand up for themselves.
That's his definition of feminism? Sounds to me that he has a battle of wits and nobody is home with his inner feminism, because he makes no frigging sense.


Anonymous said...

Trudeau=an insult to strong capable women everywhere.


BlackWolf said...

Really, what a joke this "guy" has become.