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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The end of free speech and democracy our grandparents fought for.

Canadians Could Face Two Years in Jail For Criticizing Transgender, ‘Gender Fluid’ Ideology
Remember, this is .3% of the population, if not less.
Most are men, dressing up as women, did anyone ever bother to ask what the ladies really think about this?
You know, their honest opinions, without manipulating the question in order to get the poll result the media and it's masters want...after all it is mostly about them. They are 52% of the population and it's male politicians who are telling them they have not choices...Ironically.

As for the special treatment of a group...outside the normal population which has fought so hard to put a system which treat everyone equally, without pointing out certain minorities as if they are different and need special privileges...
Technically, in nature, wouldn't such a group be described as a sub-species???? Needing special legislation?
As this comment explains...
 (We could just have written what was said, but don't want to be accused of writing it ourselves, call it a precaution)

Laws protecting the rights of citizens are already in the books, pointing out one group just makes things worse, it promotes resentment, also saying one cannot criticize this specific group in fear of going to jail?
This is their idea of democracy???

What next if this passes the supreme court, which hopefully someone will bring it before them, governments? members of parliament? aren't these the same laws which already exist in north korea, china, cuba, vietnam, turkey, saudi arabia?
We have warned about this before, if they can make this work, without the population rising against it...
They will not stop there....and we will wake up one day...
It's bad enough that been a masculine male in the western world is becoming illegal and been married is against logic if one wants to achieve something in life, or that been a father means been someone little piggy bank and thrown away, but because this was left to those who hate men, it did not stop there...
Laws promoting euthanasia, because seniors and disable cost the health care system to much.
Laws reducing the rights of parents and families,
Laws forcing the female gender to accept males in the showers and bathrooms. (it's very rarely women trying to get into men's showers is it?)
Laws destroying religion and spiritual choices and making governments the new gods.

When people are told how to think by the very few, it never ends the way it was meant to, when people are given the right to think for themselves, without the intrusion of the elitist and their twisted ideas, then time seems to give all a chance to adapt.

It's no longer about gays, or trans, or muslims or whatever, (be who you want to be, no one really cares but please stop shoving it in my face and saying I don't have a choice, because I do), it's now become about imposing one person's ideals without giving people time to debate, to research, "you have no choice in the matter", is never a good idea, like we said, if it works, they will try something else, and continues until the system is according to their view, nor necessarily about freedom and democracy.
It is human nature for those who adore power to try to take more than they should, it's the peoples responsibility to remind them that sometimes they go to far and it will not be...allowed.
Have we come to this point, no not yet, but mark my words, they have their eyes on the internet, the last bastion of free speech, a little at a time, that is the real target. They control the main stream media, will not be long before they go after the rest. They will be so blind to reality, thinking that they have succeeded, they will make that mistake and can go after the last remnant of freedom to express one's self.
History shown, the elitist does not understand the concept of "this is the last straw", never did.
Just look up; charles the 1, louis the 16th, nicolas the 2nd, marie antoinette, mussolini, nicolae and elena ceaușescu, it's just full of elitists who though they had total control and told people how to think.

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