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Monday, May 16, 2016

Ontario Liberals want to eliminate natural gas to heat your home..in the meantime, Ontarians...

The Ontario Liberal energy polices continue to put people in the poor house and it doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon when you consider what was discussed at Queen’s Park yesterday, prompting the Ontario PC Caucus to issue a press release on the matter.
Liberal Minister for Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray confirmed his plan to eliminate natural gas as a fuel in Ontario. Industry officials estimate that switching homes from natural gas to electric heat will cost each Ontario household $3,000 more each year. Approximately 62 per cent of Ontario homes use natural gas for heating.
“If given the chance, Minister Murray has confirmed he would cut off affordable natural gas to Ontario’s cities,” said Ontario PC Energy Critic John Yakabuski. “Instead, Ontarians in cities would have to rely on electric heat, switch out their gas stoves and get rid of their gas barbecues. Minister Murray seems intent on eliminating natural gas in the province and making life even harder under the Liberals.”
This, just weeks after consumers were hit in the wallets again with the latest Hydro rate increase that came into effect May 1st. The latest adding about $3 a month to your hydro bill, another increase is set for November 1, 2016.
According to a poll on SaultOnline.com, 84% of those who voted named Hydro rates as the biggest issue facing Ontarians, and although not scientific, it clearly shows a snap shot of what’s on people’s minds in Ontario.
In response to a question from PC MPP Bob Bailey regarding the expansion of natural gas, Murray suggested “in Toronto, where I live, my building and others in my neighbourhood don’t need to be running on natural gas.” The Minister also stated that “home heating in the future is going to have to come from sources other than natural gas.”
The release continues, “Nothing has been more damaging to household budgets and to our economy than the province’s electricity rates,” added MPP Yakabuski. “The elimination of affordable natural gas would devastate family budgets and destroy the province’s natural gas industry. This government seems intent on making life more unaffordable in Ontario.”
A Facebook page has been set up with over 24,000 members encourage Ontario Hydro customers to post their bills, some extremely high due to non-payment.
It should be noted that Liberals have not passed any legislation nor have any in the works regarding elimination of Natural Gas as fuel source presently.
What the heck are we supposed to use next...our good looks?
To be honest, most Ontarian are confused by the path liberals are taking lately, they ask to reduce consumption, then increase rates because not enough use it... 
They bring in refugees by the thousands and most don't believe in women's rights...or basic human rights.
Talk about self destruction...Slow the f... down, let people catch their breath. We have people living on the streets for god's sake, disable, mentally ill, seniors, men, women, teens, even kids and vets, let's try to fix those problems first, before we take on more than we can chew. Ontario to spend $7-billion on sweeping climate change plan WTF....

We would all like to believe there is some sanity in all this, maybe it's their admiration of northern european countries like denmark, norway, sweden, and their wind power, problem is, big difference in size...
What works there, doesn't here...and anyway, those countries are not exactly in good shape at the moment, their own women are not safe walking the streets and no one can afford the basics of life.
Maybe liberalism was a good idea once, but it has been taken over by radicals who want overnight changes and results, and that is very dangerous. Radicalism breeds opposing radicals and usually ends up in civil war.
The, you have no say or choices, policies they seem to impose lately smells of totalitarianism.
But we are safe, this would never happen here...(sarcasm)


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wynne is on a personal mission to destroy everything she/he touches.


Anonymous said...

Wynne is on a personal mission to destroy everything she/he touches.


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