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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

‘Men and Women Are NOT Equal,’ Admit Feminists.

A lot has been going on in the world of feminists. Mostly outrage and bowl-cuts. But some “progress” manages to sneak in here and there. One of feminism’s biggest recent successes has been the opening of combat roles to women… Most of whom still can’t do a single pull-up. Which implies that technically women still aren’t quite cut out for the job. But why quibble over semantics like “physical capabilities” or “sending broads to certain death”? Patriarchy must die!

Now that the path’s been paved, feminism looks to beat the next hurdle: the male-only draft (Congrats Feminists: New Legislation Would Require Women Register for the Draft). Except apparently not all feminists want women to be drafted. Mostly because the draft is terrible.

    I am a feminist, and I do not support including women in selective service. When you are not included in something that no one wants to do – in this case, going off to war – it’s not discrimination; it’s a privilege. Some say women should give up that privilege in the name of equality between men and women.

Get ready, because here comes the real kicker…
But here’s the thing about equality: Men and women are not equal.

On no she didn’t! This feminist is making the same claim I’ve been making for years, for which they accused me of sexism (see Shocking New Marines Study: Men Are Better Soldiers Than Women… In Every Facet). That’s what reasonable people have been trying to tell feminists for the entire history of ever.

    Combat is not an equal opportunity situation for men and women, because the average woman does not have an equal opportunity to survive a combat situation. As much as feminism celebrates the women who feel they can take on any role a man can fill, we must also embrace the women who feel they can’t.

In other words, feminists feel entitled to equal benefit but not equal punishment. Consistency? Meh.

The gender-neutral draft should be a symbol for feminism. It doesn’t discriminate and it’s a level playing field. Where nobody wants to play… and almost everybody loses. The point is, yes, the draft sucks. That’s why equality sucks… like we’ve been telling them all along. But the lesbian, boy-cutted, chain-gang of feminists at Buzzfeed just wouldn’t listen.

Also, when it comes down to it, I’m sure the majority of people don’t “feel” like being drafted. Not just you delicate flowers. The thing is, men don’t have a choice. The male world is often subjected to the notion that you must contribute if you’d like to benefit. Unless said men are Bernie Sanders supporters. In the case of being drafted, you must fight if you want your nation to remain free. Feminism doesn’t abide by that.

Feminists seek to employ “equality” when it’s rewarding – yet throw it out the window when it becomes inconvenient.
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The hypocrisy of feminism is there for all to see, wants equality but only for what they perceive it to be...

As for those of us who understand the nature of things, we will do just fine as long as we stay away from these fools.

Taking into consideration what kind of world we live in, the cultures clash, it might be a good idea, for the moment to give to men and women, the right to protect their own as they see fit...
The freedom to be who women want to be is best defended by men, (militarily speaking), this does not mean men want women in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, we also have daughters by the way, which we encourage to be the best they can be, it simply means we all have a place; and for the best results in constructing the best of our society, we must co-operate with our individual natural gifts, and respect each others capacity and limitations, together we can achieve more than divided...

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