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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

“Like fawning reporters in North Korea,” Canada’s Media Party touts Trudeau’s quantum computing shtick

So he’d memorized something smart to say: basically the first few sentences about quantum computer on Wikipedia.
And then he asked the media to ask him a question about it. He’d been practicing hard! But no, people wanted to ask about the budget, the Islamic State, whatever.
Well, he was going to say his lines no matter what. So he did. It was sort of pitiful.
But the Liberals embedded in the media were delighted. They went to work. Maclean’s magazine says Trudeau “stunned physicists.”
Slate. Fortune magazine. Vanity Fair. Over 200 news reports. I'll read you some of the really fawning ones. They sound like jokes but they're real.
Probably 100 million people saw that video. Probably 99.9 million of them didn’t see the transparent request from Trudeau trying to tee up his clip.
I’m not mad that Trudeau is a show-off, or that the foreign press fell for this set up.
I’m mad at the Canadian media, who saw Trudeau ask to be asked; who saw a real reporter try to ask something else, and be pushed aside by Trudeau’s little drama sketch. And then who ran with it, like fawning reporters in North Korea, crying tears of joy with how brilliant Dear Leader is.
These are the reporters we rely on to tell us the truth.
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Been critical of liberal policies of handing out to other countries billions while their own citizens sleep on the streets and can't afford decent affordable housing, donating almost a billion to the useless U.N. while Fort Mac is burning, but if this is true, if it was a set up to make him look smarter than he is, that is pure propaganda. I hope this isn't true, if it is we are in deep sh*t. 
If they are willing to do this, what else are they willing to falsify and lie about?
Maybe all this is just a right wing conspiracy? (sarcasm)

IF and a big IF, this is real and the media co-operates on this level with governments, there is no limits to how far they would go to impose their will on the population...
And that is a dangerous path to follow when it come to freedom and democracy.

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