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Friday, May 6, 2016

Greenies and Lefties Dance While Fort McMurray Burns

Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada is in flames. Thousands of residents have lost their homes. But it’s not all bad news, as these guy helpfully tried explaining on Twitter.
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There's more..
Trudeau Cracks Jokes Before Addressing The Fort McMurray Fire, CBC Removed That Part Of The Clip
These clowns want to talk about global warming, climate change...stop blaming Alberta...
List of most polluted cities in the world
Oh look, the closest polluted city in the area is #900 down the list...
So, if these bozos really want to attack climate change, shouldn't they go to these places and preach their bullsh*t there...FIRST?
See how that works out for them....

As for fossil fuels...
Oil didn’t cause the Fort McMurray fire — it helped save people’s lives
There are countless stories of human heroism to be found in this week’s mass evacuation of 88,000 people from Fort McMurray safely, without any reported injuries or deaths. But there’s one hero that will go unsung, as usual, despite showing up as a saviour in virtually every harrowing news report about the emergency. So, please, let’s all take a moment now to thank our lucky stars for … oil.

The technology of fossil fuel combustion is relatively modern; forest combustion is not. Wildfires have been routinely sweeping across vast swathes of Albertan forest long before the first settler arrived. The regular, mass conflagration of immense stands of trees is a natural and necessary part of a forest’s life cycle. But now that we’ve put cities in fire’s path, the only critical chemical substance that has kept humans from succumbing to those flames also happens to be Alberta’s No. 1 export to the world: wonderful, unloved petroleum.

As alarm over the approaching flames began rapidly spreading through Fort McMurray Tuesday night, and the evacuation was ordered, there was one thing everyone desperately wanted access to: a car or truck with a tank full of gasoline, so they could drive themselves and their loved ones to safety.

Whether you survive a fire depends on petroleum products.
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