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Monday, May 2, 2016

Dear Elders, I'm sorry.........The nature of millennials, feminists and all other gimme groups. And the Tigglypuff incident.

It's true what she says, but the most important point to make is, when such a society as we have in the west, where laziness, demanding, refuse to work, blame every one but themselves, disrespect for others and for ones self, division, hate, becomes the norm, you are looking at a sick society.
Can it be fixed?
Only time will tell, but as things are heading now...I doubt it.
We all depend on the next generation to survive, the health; physically and emotionally of those who will continues what the previous one has given, even make things better, that can only be achieve through sacrifice, and millennial seem to have forgotten that.
The major problem that has arise in the west is...division... they seem to be more tribal than anytime in the past. "My group is better than yours, and I don't want to hear your opinions."
When freedom of expression is deemed to be a bad thing, to be vilified, even controlled, that's when you know something is wrong.
There was a time when those with different lifestyle, religion or whatever, did not push their ways on the rest, live and let live, but now things have changed, it's; "you have no choice", and it's shoved in our faces, expecting all to accept and reform their lives to include what is, to some unacceptable, and these micro groups are surprised there is a backlash???

By now we all heard of the TIGGLYPUFF incident, if not, here it is;
The girl in the foreground (Mary) writes;
"I have plenty of protest footage from the event to compile and upload soon, and I think doing so will help to give viewers an accurate glimpse of the living hell all three speakers had to put up with that night. And I’m not exaggerating, there was hardly a minute that went by without one of them being interrupted or cussed out by a heckler. There were protesters hanging over balconies demanding to know why there were only white people on stage, femi-nazis with identical Rachel Maddow haircuts in the front row screaming questions but not accepting answers, and most famously, the chick you see here swinging those meaty drumsticks like she’s trying to tackle a Black Dahlia Murder song in expert mode on a RockBand drum set."  
Opposition is not based on how loud one is or how to make a fool of yourself while trying to prevent one's freedom of expression, it is based on listening to others who do not hold your views and respecting them, them debating the plus and minuses of your argument.

The west will not fall to outside forces, but from inside.
It is it's own worse enemy, and the cowardice of those who should defend instead of assist in division  are providing for an even faster downfall. 
One does not provide equal respect by demonizing your own history. As a matter of fact, when you forfeit your own history in order not to offend, you open the door to chaos.
If the west gives in to much, to fast, it will be seen as weakness and be taken advantage of...
Such in the Nature of humanity.

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