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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Campaign to give Elsa a girlfriend in Frozen 2...Does Elsa Really Need a Girlfriend? Madness in the P.C. crowd.

In the Academy Award-winning 2013 film “Frozen,” main character Elsa is a beautiful princess who cares about her family and her kingdom. The animated film was a huge hit and little girls everywhere wanted to be like the strong and gifted young woman.

In March, Disney announced — much to the delight of fans — that there will be a sequel. And now, this week, a petition has been started, pushing the filmmakers to give Elsa a girlfriend. Really? Gay Elsa?

Many stories are characterizing this as something “fans” want. Actually, the idea and petition were started by one person. Alexis Isabel Moncada, a self-described teen activist and founder of the site FeministCulture.com, is behind the campaign that began as a tweet, saying, “I hope Disney makes Elsa a lesbian princess imagine how iconic that would be.”

She wrote in a story for MTV.com, “Growing up, I was really confused about who I was … I hadn’t been aware that there could be true love between women, so when I felt that love, I felt confused and alone.”

Her follow up tweet, “Dear @Disney, #GiveElsaAGirlfriend,” began to catch on and was picked up by media everywhere.

But many fans are outraged, calling it not only "stupid," but "manipulative."
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We have to be careful about  the politically correct policies some seem to push on kids lately. The idea that we can mold people to think a certain way by pushing it on kids is extremely dangerous. 
It produces resentment, and even hatred; when kids are involved into a political idealism that seems to be totalitarianism, the "you have no choice in the matter" has never worked in the long run and has produced a backlash on those promoting it.
Adults has a whole, specially parents are best placed to guide kids in the path to equality, one reason is, they do it a bit at a time, instead of trying to change everything overnight. Which is what the P.C. minority seems to be doing and unless one is blind, this attitude has divided more than unite...
A while back, in Canada, a politician said ;" The government has no place in the bedrooms of the nation", and legalized homosexuality. Sure there where those who where revolted by it, but it was not pushed on people with commercials and school curriculum, or kids show and movies.
It was just something that was put on the books as part of equal rights and people came to accept that premise. 
In other word, they let it evolve on it's own, because back them people knew that pushing it made it more of an issue than it should be....
But today, it's not about equal rights, as we can see, it's about an "imposition" of an ideal, and saying to people; "You have no choice in the matter" makes people notice they are been "told what and how to think" and that makes some push back. 
That's why we have more division now than we had in the past. They don't give people time to adjust, they want it all today and damn be the majority or what people think.
Under that ideology, one produces bad karma, we don't all think the same. Specially when it comes to manipulating kids on how to think. Politically and historically it is...suicide.
People in general are good, given time, to think and debate, the right decision is always made, but when it is pushed, something else evolves and sometimes it is not what we expected.
 If you think these people where bad...wait and see what comes next, it will make them look like choir boys.
Marxism, socialism's primary goal is to destroy the family, that is undeniable, usually through the kids, but why?
Simple, it is to replace the family structure with government. they become the new family and the new gods.
That said, name one country who was successful in that endeavor? And did not end up in some sort of conflict?
Who is pulling the strings, behind the idiocy of political correctness?
That is the real question.

We, at The N.C. Chronicles do not condemn anyone's choices in life, but offer information and opinions.
Let people breathe and you will see that life can be better, force them and conflict will be inevitable.

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