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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Beyonce's ivy park sportswear made by Sri Lanka factory workers being paid 75 cents per hour

Beyoncé and her Ivy Park clothing line are both continuing to make a buzz after launching, as reported by the Inquisitr. However, the attention that Beyoncé is now getting for her Ivy Park clothing isn’t necessarily the good kind of press that Beyoncé might seek.
According to Page Six, the Ivy Park clothing line by Beyoncé is gaining attention due to the so-called “sweat shop” labor that Beyoncé’s sportswear uses.
As reported by The Sun, one Ivy Park factory pays their workers 4.30 British Pounds per day, which equals $6.17 in U.S. currency per day.
Read whole article here..
Remember the big "FEMINIST" background at beyonwho's concert? goes to show, as we have said on so many occasions, the hypocrisy of that cult is beyond belief...
They do "NOT" care about women's rights, they use women's right for self promotion and financial gains...
At the expense of families, whether here in lanark county Ontario, or abroad like Sri Lanka and other places they can manipulate and use for their own benefit...
Look further and you will probably find kids making clothes at a bare survivable wage .

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