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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bee genocide; Larger problems on the horizon.

Nearly half of US honey hives collapsed in past 12 months
  The shocking, and seemingly irreversible, destruction of the US honeybee population took a huge hit in the past year, with 44 percent of all hives collapsing between April 2015 and April 2016.

This was the second worst year for colony losses since the "Beepocolypse" started a decade ago, according to The Bee Informed Partnership, the collaboration between the US Department of Agriculture, research labs, and universities that is tracking the alarming numbers.

Honeybee hives are generally inactive during the winter before being rejuvenated in the summer in a natural cycle, but this past season, colony collapses were three times higher than the "acceptable rate".

The varroa mite, first introduced to the US via Florida in 1995, and pesticides are thought to be the main causes of the collapse, although shipping them in trucks across the country to pollinate monocropped farms is also thought to stress them out.

While the crisis is largely caused by humans, they also suffer since honeybees pollinate US$15 billion worth of food crops in the US, one third of the supply.

The little yellow and black insects are also vulnerable to lobbying from the pesticide industry, led by the controversial American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which downplayed the bee genocide last year, saying "the issue has been way overblown" and describing it as "hype."
Let's get one thing real...That little insect goes down, we go down...
And if you are one of those who believe this is all b*llsh*t, well, look at the price of fruits and vegetables, and you will see the results of the lost of 44% of hives has in the past few years...and get ready for more price hikes...
Can't blame it on gas anymore, since the price of fuel is down...sooo...

I really hope your ready for what's coming, because the media and it's masters won't tell ya...
And this is not conspiracy, it's reality.

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