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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Are State owned (or financed) media like the CBC, BBC, ABC, any different than those in...china, north korea, vietnam, cuba..so on?

The CBC Matrix (Source)
by Tim Murray

News item: The CBC won't name a swimming pool sex assault suspect because he's a Muslim migrant.

Effective propaganda consists not so much in spinning the news, but choosing it. Choosing what is newsworthy, and what to exclude. The L├╝ckenpresse, "Gaps Press", as the sorely afflicted Germans have come to call it. At best consumers are fed a half-truth, with the other half left out. Thus the credulous dupes who rely on state broadcasters like the CBC, the BBC and the ABC subsist on a meager diet of lies and omissions — pseudo-intellectual junk food that leaves their brains chronically malnourished. As such, they cannot comprehend reality because they have never been introduced to it, while lacking the ambition, diligence and skepticism required to search for alternative information sources. They wear their misconceptions like a comfortable shoe, and are disinclined to get out of it. They are the "Friends of the CBC".
If you live in the CBC matrix, you will not know what is happening in the real world. In the CBC matrix there is

If you live in the CBC matrix, you live in a make-believe world,
If you live in the CBC matrix, you are living in a bubble that will soon be pricked by reality. A reality that even the CBC cannot hold at bay. Your trusted information gatekeepers will not be able to stop the truth from busting through and overwhelming you. The shock will render you bewildered and paralytic. You will not be able to make sense of what has befallen you, much in the way that the establishment media pundits are dumbfounded by Trump's success. How could this happen?

If you live in the CBC matrix, you are going to get a rude awakening. You have been living in a hot house environment that is about to be breeched, and leaving to you to stand helpless before the cold draft of politically incorrect facts. Leftist Group-Think will die of exposure.

It is at that point that you will realize that the "L├╝ckenpresse" has let you down. CBC Pravda did not tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Panic will set in. You will suddenly understand that you are alone, left to your own devices. You will have to start thinking for yourself. God forbid.
Couldn't have put it better ourselves... 

Propaganda comes in many form, but it's primary goal is to control, either trough information or lack thereof, dictated by it's masters, governments, it's financiers, so on...
Did we ever have a free press, maybe, in the past, but today, while they, (the main stream media) try to stay relevant, while competing with the internet, are now dependent on those who have taken it over, billionaires who call themselves "media barons", and the state. In other words, do what we tell you, we own this "business", and don't bite the hand that feeds ya. A local politician once explained it to me that way. Ironically enough....

The point is, trust what they tell you at your own expense, the CBC for instance is owing to the liberal party of Canada, they will get an increase in their budget of almost a billion dollars, you can't tell me under those circumstances that they are not beholding to that specific political party...
If they where relevant, they would not need to be funded by a specific political group, and when they are, how can anyone who believes in freedoms ever think that they are not...thankful.
Comes election time; 
Job well done...
Here is a billion for your efforts? (can they really claim they report fairly under those conditions???)

We have come to the end of the way information is processed, people can get better information on the web, than they can from a state financed media. Whereas you get one side of a story on TV (theirs), on the web one can research many sites to make sure the story is real.

The cbc for instance ran a story about how we, Canadians, where jealous of marie antoinette trudeau for asking for more help, even after having 2 nannies ( which the wife of the previous P.M did not have or want ) and a personal assistant.
Yet, the same media outlet criticized another wife of a P.M, Mila Mulroney and some even compared her to the shoe loving imelda marcos...for spending and a lavish lifestyle, (which she didn't).
Interesting isn't it, if it's liberal were jealous, if it's conservative she spends to much...

Maybe the p.m.'s wife can take up singing to get more help...or just accept that where she is, is not her and her husbands private little piggy bank and recognize that the lower class (sarcasm) is having problems with the everyday cost of life. Perhaps she could take that as her next goal and sign to the homeless...you know, those who are below her.
Anyway, as you can see, political parties who finance certain medias are more apt to get supporting reports than those who do not, and that make those media...irrelevant and propaganda outlets.
They try hard to demean the information one can get on the web, claiming they are the only ones who can bring us the news....they take us for idiots and that is their downfall. (good riddance)

The N.C Chronicles does not take political sides, the previous government, though a bit better socially, was not exactly great financially, with massive deficits and adding 100 billion to the national dept.
We just inform, the rest is up to you.

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