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Saturday, April 30, 2016

What happens when anti-oil protesters set up camp without farmers permission? You get Sh*t on

An angry farmer attempted to spray Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson with manure on Wednesday after she broke a court injunction to stage a protest against fracking on his land.

Thompson and her sister Sophie entered a field on the Lancashire farm, where energy company Cuadrilla is planning to frack for shale gas, and baked renewable energy-themed cakes in a Greenpeace-backed protest stunt.

An injunction has been in place banning protesters from the land near Preston since 2014.

The farmer, who was said to be "very upset" about being prevented from getting on with work in the field, proceeded to drive a muck-spreader around the protesters, narrowly missing the Thompson sisters and their cakes.

And the idiotic irony from thompson is;
"A celebrity, who uses gas stoves in videos to promote her own cook books."
Read whole article here.

The hypocrisy of people like her doesn't stop there, how about leonardo dicaprio lecturing us on the evil of fossil fuels while traveling in private jets and luxurious yachts?
Al Gore with his mansions...
So on so on...
They take us for fools.

The morale of this story is ... Always get permission from the farmer before using his land.
And don't eat any cupcakes baked by emma thompson or her sister? Dumb ass tree huggers.
No one has anything against protecting the environment, or the species for that matter, but we must do it, not in opposition to different opinions, as the left does, but in co-operation and in listening to both sides and coming up with a "balance" answer.
Otherwise, nothing will be done, as the Paris accord will do...Nothing.

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