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Thursday, April 21, 2016

This is why no one trust established professional politicians anymore.

The first one was when they (the liberals) took power from the conservative government of Mulroney with a deficit.....

The second is when they took (the liberals) power from the conservative government of S. Harper with a surplus....
11 years later

Same party, same people behind the curtain, contradicting policies....
Say anything for power, even if it steals from the next generation.
One feels like saying; "WHICH ONE IS IT, MAKE UP YOUR MIND", but why bother anymore.
It's all about popularity and how many selfies one can take, spend the people's money as if you a drunken sailor to promote your personal pet projects, all the while forgetting your own population.
Politics...pfffff, what a concept.

Was watching hannity one night, (yes yes, I sometimes watch Hannity, so shoot me), doug schoen, a democrat party strategist and crooked'hillary supporter, said; "Hillary is on the left because sanders put her there, but don't believe it, as soon as she gets the nomination, she will go to the center."
Hannity said; "so basically she's lying to get the nomination?"
Schoen said; "YES". Went on to say; "Bill will be president again", whatever that meant, more was said but you get the point, hannity was shocked, kept on asking if she's lying, shoen kept on saying yes....

And they wonder why people flock to Trump....
We need one of those in Canada before it's to late.

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