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Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Panama papers...

Now, maybe we find out what the elite have been doing, taking and getting away with?

Panama Papers Live Update Thread

Let's see how deep this goes and how they will slither out of that one.
And who is going to use it for propaganda...against other countries.

So far, there is already a page trying to point the finger...
The cbc has Putin on its cover story...trying to divert away from someone???
 Among the leaked records is info on the offshore assets of several hundred Canadians, including lawyers, mining and oil executives, business people and even known fraudsters. None of them are prominent personalities however. (What they really mean is no politician "they" support. Aren't lawyers and executives prominent people? and aren't most politicians...lawyers?)

On this site they already have Putin on the forefront picture...yet...so far..

Putin is actually not on the list. Just the god-uncle of his daughter!
All we hear from the Guardian and the Washington post is about Putin. The introduction video posted is about Assad and Putin and the second most up-voted thread on reddit is about Putin. 
So allow me to say: western medias are not focused on all the people.
Let's wait and see, 
Monday morning should be interesting, will western media be honest or try to divert... 

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