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Friday, April 15, 2016

Reports from Halifax on the Chronicle-Herald's refugee cover-up and the evolving mess they leave behind.

The Halifax Chronicle-Herald published a shocking report that newly arrived Syrian “refugees” at Chebucto Heights Elementary School were beating up Canadian students.
Canadian kids were being bullied, even choked by Muslim students, who made throat-slitting gestures. And the school was hiding all of this from the public, even from parents.
Not surprisingly, the news story went viral. But soon the Chronicle-Herald started making changes to their story, taking out key facts. Then they just deleted the story entirely from their website — replacing it with a short note explaining that the subject was too sensitive.
And then The Chronicle-Herald published another alibi, explaining that one of the reasons they took the story down was that “anti-Muslim groups” had been “sharing the article”. So they decided to do what the school had been doing: cover it up. But even as they admitted that a fourth witness had come forward.
What’s really going on in Halifax? Why are journalists hiding the news instead of reporting it? We sent one of our top reporters, Faith Goldy, to Halifax to get the facts directly.

(UPDATE: Chronicle Herald DELETES story) “Muslims rule the world”: Halifax refugee students choke 9-year-old girl using chains
Published on April 9, 2016
The initial story: A report from the Chronicle Herald alleges that refugee students are abusing young girls in Grade Three.

“I’m in Halifax to bring you the truth” about reports of Muslim refugees bullying children — a story that went viral before it was DELETED
Published on April 11, 2016
Faith Goldy is reporting from Halifax, Nova Scotia about a local news story that went viral, then was pulled from the paper's website.

UPDATE from Halifax: Parent who complained about refugee bullying afraid to come forward.
Published on April 12, 2016
Faith Goldy of TheRebel..media continues her investigation in Halifax, into news reports (since deleted by the newspaper) that Muslim refugees were attacking other children at an elementary school.

PREVIEW: Mothers, child to talk about “choking and slapping” by refugees in Halifax school
Published on April 13, 2016
Faith Goldy has a final update from Halifax for TheRebel.media. She's wrapping up her investigation into reports that refugee children were bullying students in Halifax.

Source and credits....
 This story is to well documented and to well researched to be B.S., and if you look at it from an independent eye, instead of a follower of a certain political persuasion, you realize someone down the road is playing the propaganda card, namely the main stream media.
Anyone who has looked at this knows there is a major problem evolving in Europe because of the policy of bringing in too many refugees at one time, letting them loose in their cities and just forgetting about them. 
They bunch up in certain neighborhoods and impose their will on the locals, either with violence or their sharia thing. All the while the elite and those who support this destructive policy try their best to shut any opposing views by yelling out racism or some form of phobia.

Whoever started this mess, whether G.W. Bush, his dad, Clinton, is no longer the issue. 
The issue is the mess it left, the non-ending wars, which seem to benefit some, or makes other cower behind some form of political belief, the refugees it produced, not to mention, if nothing is done soon, the generational chaos that will be left to those who come after, will be devastation, if not cause the outright fall of nations.
Let's get serious for a moment, if the west really wanted to get rid of ISIS, AL Nusra, Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations in Syria and Libya, the middle east, it could be done inside a month, specially with Russia's help. Or would they rather put it off, till they get some chemicals, or God forbid, a nuclear bomb?
This lack of action is what's creating the refugee problem.

I was reading a post about not all muslims are violent, and that is true, most are not, some are downright more rational than our professional career based politicians. Canadian Professor: ‘If You Want Sharia Law, Go Back To The Hellhole Country You Came From’
As the writer said, if only 10% of over a billion and a half are, then that's over 100 millions who believe the west is responsible and promote and support violence. (There are many countries around the world who do not have that number of population.)  There is a difference between supporting and participation, if only 10% participate, that's over 10 millions.

The question becomes, how many infiltrated the refugee program, and is one Canadians life worth taking that chance?
Is what is happenings in Halifax or Europe worth it?
What about the idea that under their sharia thing, women are second class, that certainly clashes with my belief that my daughters "must" be respected for their own gifts and their place in the circle, that they are as important as anyone. How the h*ll can someone claim the mantle of feminism and at the same time promote sharia??? A little bit of political hypocrisy there, isn't it?

The left wing media will promote pro-government policies, (even over the truth or honest reporting, as we can see above,)
 and since the refugees are on the list, they have invented or embellished" the "oh those poor refugees" story to a point where it is promoting resentment.
In Ottawa, they blasted the people with the story about refugees going to food banks, "at the beginning of the month?" Who runs out of food at the beginning of the month when all government welfare just went out?
Unless, their are spending it on something else?
I have a friend who lives in affordable housing in Ottawa, she told me that while she's struggling, they all have brand new cars.

The other thing that I want to point out, these policies of letting in as many as "can vote for one certain party",  is contrary to their own policies. They will promote feminism, women's rights, while demonizing the Syrian government, and promoting the rebels.
Now that is strange, the secular government of Bashar al Assad...promotes equality for women to be who they want to be, yet those the west support; bans women from driving, going out without a male escort, or not allowed walking around without that scarf?

Under Assad, notice the women and his wife on the right?
This is the bad guy?

The rebels...The good guys the west are supporting...

 Assad's regime...
The rebels....
In closing, 
None of us want to close our doors to helping out, but to do it at the expense of our own citizen is a destructive policy. 
We have people sleeping outside in winter, ( even vets) while the funds to help them goes to others, we have children going to school hungry, yet refugees complain they are not getting enough, and then we have this little gem...
Which may I add, none of the main stream media, cbc, ctv, global, others, decided to pick up, but some story about refugees going to a food bank at the beginning of the month is more important? 
Let's see these do gooders put up their money, not only to pay for refugees, but at the same time, finance a homeless vet or a senior with the same zeal.

None of the muslim gulf states have taken in their own, not one.
Yet they are some of the richest countries in the world?
Oh, but they are funding....the rebels...
And we are taking care of the people they made into refugees?

Whatever the case, we have to re-think all this,
The enemy of my enemy is my friend?
Freedom is never free?
The cost of freedom is blood?
One thing is for sure, "if you kill your enemies, they win" is the dumbest thing anyone can ever say, it show weakness in one's thinking and will be exploited by those who want to do harm.
If this non-ending war is not stopped, by force, negotiating to end one, will start another somewhere else.
As for the refugees, most will return home to their families they left behind, if the world say's "enough" and decides to put an end to those who use the situation to advance a backwards belief of their hate.
You just can't negotiate when hate has become their main policy.

Here's a radial thought, for every refugee one finances, do the same for a homeless Canadian?
I'm sure they would also love to have fully furnished homes and food to eat and heat to keep them warm...
Or is that a racist though with a degree of some form of phobia?
Maybe to nationalistic?

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