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Friday, April 8, 2016

Prominent Brazilian magazine publishes scathing critique of trudeau.

Apparently unfamiliar with that adage about people who live in glass houses, a prominent Brazilian magazine has published a blistering critique of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
The column is headlined “Justin Trudeau is adorable, but exceedingly ordinary: Everything is wrong with Canada’s Prime Minister – except his looks.” It was written by Vilma Gryzinski, international affairs columnist for Veja, which is distributed nationally and leans, like most major Brazilian media, to the right.
Her ostensible peg is the upcoming release of a biographical film about the Prime Minister called God Save Justin Trudeau, but Ms. Gryzinski has a wide range of criticisms of the “narcissistic” Canadian leader. (J.T. narcissistic??? the selfie king...no? How dare she..)

She has found time to look beyond Brazil’s borders and pen a takedown of Mr. Trudeau even though Brazil is in the throes of a massive political crisis. The Brazilian President risks imminent impeachment for alleged misdirection of federal funds – Veja has been campaigning vociferously for her ouster for months. The Vice-President is also now the subject of an impeachment, for alleged improprieties, while the next in line of succession, the president of the lower house of Congress, is being investigated for accepting $5-million (U.S.) in bribes. Dozens of major political figures were recently named as involved in corrupt schemes in a senator’s plea bargain testimony. (in this little exposer of Brazilian politics, "how dare they talk about our savior that way", the globe and mail basically pointed out what the liberals are known for themselves and why they lost the election to Harper's conservatives. I.E.; Sponsorship scandals just to name one, but it doesn't end there.)

Ms. Gryzinski, the former executive editor of Veja, calls Mr. Trudeau “the embodiment of vaguely leftist and confusingly well-intentioned liberalist dreams, a handsome guy who shamelessly shows off his physique and preens for photos in yoga poses.”
She seems particularly perturbed by what she views as his soft-on-terrorism stand, which she conflates with his inclusive attitude to Muslim Canadians. He will, she writes, “support any insanity, including terrorism, when committed in the name of the Muslim religion. He frequently visits mosques, dressing in typical outfits from countries such as Pakistan, and praying in the Islamic fashion.” The Islamic State heralded his election, she says, and no wonder.

She delves into the Prime Minister’s personal history, recounting his mother Margaret Trudeau’s youthful adventures at Studio 54 and famous lovers, before saying she “abandoned her children.” As the young bride of the first Prime Minister Trudeau, Margaret “injected new life” into stuffy political circles, she writes, before adding, “Margaret injected other things, too” and chronicling a list of drug use.
The Canadian media come in for their share of scorn in the article – she calls them “sycophantic” and blames them for showing Mr. Trudeau “self-destructive deference.”

Canada – the “dream destination” for many would-be immigrants including Brazilians – can only hope to survive his reign, she writes. “Justin Trudeau will find it hard to screw up a country so well organized, if dull.”
We were all hoping, that we were wrong about our gut feeling that this narcissistic person who believes so much in his "I know better than any Canadian:" man child would be different once in power. 
But as his and his buddies policies of helping (on top of what we already give out) everyone around the world, "besides Canadians themselves" shows of their first 5 months in power, we come last and their university left wing ideology come before those pampered whinny people of their own country. (sarcasm)
 Homeless in Vancouver B.C.; the front doors Royal Bank at Nanimo and Hastings 6 am
They invested billions of the pension fund to build affordable housing in Mumbai India. Something that is in dire need right here at home for first nations, families, disabled and our Elderly.
Not to mention the Billions sent overseas, yet not one job created here in Canada...

As for the popularity of the federal liberals, as the latest election in the province of Saskatchewan shows;
Not six months after Justin Trudeau’s majority win, and amidst all the Media Party love affair for the Liberals, they only got 3.6% in the province. Source
We will see if their popularity is just a media (CBC, CTV, GLOBAL) invention to guide the public on how to think soon enough.
I mean, according to them, a man in politics who claims the mantle of feminist should have pretty long coat tails, since we are always told that the argument is over and we all think the same like an ant farm. (more sarcasm)

With the Manitoba election next, liberal where in front but have now dived in third place before the April 19th vote. Not exactly an overwhelming love for the brand is it....Jezz I wonder why?
Next to fall, might be Ontario's liberal under a massive corrupt liberal government, their only chance is if the conservative hand it to them with stupid statements as was done in the last election.
The pro-left media bragged after the election that no conservative party was left standing provincially, well, we will see how popular they savior is, since he injects himself into most of these elections.
So far his popularity doesn't seem to be what they (media) want us to believe.
Provincial elections are usually a reflection on the popularity of the feds.

Did the writer of the story above make a mistakes, in many Canadians opinions, she was pretty mild in describing someone who was too inexperienced to be prime minister, it happened with our southern cousins, now it's our turn.

One can only hope that those around him have an eventual epiphany of intelligence and put under control this man-child before the country goes in a financial hole.
Time will tell...if we have it.

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