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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Professor: Civil War “Most Likely” Outcome of Migrant Crisis

Low IQ of “refugees” threatens foundation of western civilization
 A prominent Danish professor warns that western civilization is “threatened” by the influx of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa and that a “civil war” is the most likely outcome.
Writing in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, Professor Helmuth Nyborg, who is an expert in the connection between hormones and intelligence, discussed his previous research on how, “The effect of Europeans having few children and immigrants with low IQ” would lead to “Westerners (being) a minority in Europe, and that the average IQ drops so much that prosperity, democracy and civilization is threatened”.
Nyborg has previously asserted that low IQ migrants arriving from non-western countries leads to a decline in the average intelligence of western societies and therefore a drop in living standards and rising crime rates.
“In 2016, the current immigration policy gives us three alternatives – submission, repatriation or civil war. Unless Europe starts to lead a responsible family, immigration and integration policy, stated by the theory of evolution, I think civil war is most likely,” writes Nyborg.
Nyborg goes on to caution that simply referring to “right-wing extremism” will not make the chronic problems caused by overpopulation and failed multicultural policies disappear, warning that ethnic Europeans will be a minority in their own countries by 2050.
Ethnically homogeneous, civilized and democratic societies in Europe will be a thing of the past unless there is an “honorable repatriation” of migrants, warns Nyborg.
As we have previously highlighted, numerous prominent voices in Europe are sounding the alarm bell on the potential for the migrant crisis to explode into civil unrest and even war.
Last week, Swiss People’s Party (SVP) member of parliament Roger Köppel argued that “Europe is about to abolish itself” due to a “megalomaniac” open border policy overseen by the likes of Angela Merkel.
Last year, Swiss army chief André Blattmann warned that the risk of social unrest in Europe was intensifying and that citizens should arm themselves.
Top security experts in Germany also told Chancellor Angela Merkel last October that the middle class was becoming “radicalized” as a result of her open borders migrant policy and that domestic disorder could ensue as a result.
Posted by Peja Lazarevski at 6:57 AM
It doesn't take a genius to figure out what's going on, a clash of culture is on it's way and the western left is directly responsible. 
We can't put the whole blame on the refugees, the real problem is the numbers they are bringing in. 
As we said before, when they bring in such massive number at one time, like merkel did to Germany, there is no chance to assimilate and they will group themselves with their own, causing what is going on now, which the left tries hard to minimize as only a few racist. 
As we can plainly see in Europe, that's where the clash festers and grows. We are even starting to experience this in Canada, specially in poor neighborhoods and housing complex.

The elitist has no ideas of reality because he and she do not experience the differences and are sheltered by their own racism behind fences and harmed guards. Do we really believe, these elite, who will call their own people racist or some form of phobia if they do not fall in line with their way of thinking, will invite refugees into their homes and neighborhoods, not a f%^&$ chance. They are so out of touch that as the ol'saying goes, "they think their farts don't stink".
But all is not so rosy for these elitists, they might be able to control who comes into their posh neighborhoods, but they can't prevent their own people from rising and explaining to them what they did wrong in the long run.
The bigger problem is they believe they have total control over their respective populations, and can do whatever they desire, at the expense of everyone.
And if we look at history, that is the way all revolution have begun.
"if they don't have bread, let them eat cake" was attributed to Marie Antoinette during the french revolution, she might or might not of said it, what is important is, the saying itself was a rallying cry for the people to realize that the ruling class was corrupt, greedy and abusive towards its own population, and didn't care one bit, nor did they think they had to listen. 
If this all sound familiar, congrats your one of those who just realize we are repeating history. 

Always be aware, if you have opposing opinions, away from what they tell you, and if they can't debate you with reason and intelligence, you will be called a racist or someone with a phobia who is promoting hate, that's when you will know something is wrong in this so called democratic world, who is supposed to encourage free speech.

Take it slow, let everyone involve have a say...respect different opinions, stop with the racist this, phobia that, preventing people from expressing themselves freely and calling them names causes resentment, hatred and eventually, possible violence.

The N.C. Chronicles does "not" promote violence against anyone, but only informs of what is, was, or could be.

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