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Monday, April 11, 2016

Ottawa (female) teacher’s aide pleads guilty to sexually assaulting male student for years

‘She would stalk me’
She helped him with his homework, and he trusted her. But a year later, when he turned 15, he said things started to change.

“She wanted to see me at lunch and on spares, see me alone and away from others. I was too young and too trusting to realize what was going to happen,” the student wrote in a victim-impact statement filed in Ottawa court on Thursday after Kitts, who turns 46 on Friday, pleaded guilty to sexually exploiting the boy for two years.

    I sealed them deep inside my heart and brain and waited for high school to be over.

The teacher’s assistant sexually assaulted the boy daily in school or on lunch break, sometimes in the backseat of her van or at a nearby park, court heard.

“I had no choice but to agree. If I said no, she wouldn’t help me with homework and I would fail,” he wrote in his statement.

Scared and angry, he said in his statement that he slowly started to lose “all my feelings.”

“I sealed them deep inside my heart and brain and waited for high school to be over.”

And he said he had never felt so alone.

“I lost connections, lots of friends and my family because I never wanted to hang out or get too close because they might figure out my secret,” the now young man said.

Kitts had told the boy to keep the relationship secret and said if he told anyone her life would be ruined and she could go to jail, according to an agreed statement of facts.

By Grade 11, the boy said it was hard to keep “Mrs. Kitts” away. “She would stalk me all the time.”

He said the teacher’s aide destroyed his innocence. “All I am now is empty. I worry I won’t love someone.”

The sex crimes were exposed in 2014 when the boy’s mother read some sexually graphic texts on his phone. In all, there were some 15,000 texts between the teacher and student, who was sexually exploited for two years.

His mother confronted Kitts and later called the Ottawa police. Kitts was charged with a series of sex crimes in October 2014 and granted bail. The teacher’s aide pleaded guilty on Thursday to one count of sexual exploitation by someone in a position of trust and will be sentenced in August. She will undergo sexual-behavior and psychiatric assessments before sentencing.

When Kitts was finally caught, the boy said he felt scared and happy.
“The little dark corner in my head where 15-year-old me was hiding was finally hit with light. The light was warm but my darkness inside was greater and so that’s where I am now. I’m scared to go into the light to be free.”
The boy has trouble talking about what happened, and writing about it in a victim-impact statement for all to hear, was like torture. He said every fibre in his body was screaming for him to just run.
“But I feel the need for someone to finally hear my story. I’m not running away any longer … I want this to be over someday. I hope I can crawl out of the darkness and not pretend like I’m having fun, but to really feel it. To laugh and love without pain stabbing me in my heart. I want everyone to know that this hurts boys just as much as girls.”
And if anyone tries to tell you, (specially those of the feminist and mangina persuasion) this is rare, think again.

The thing that's important to point out is this;
Sexual assaults of any kind never was a gender thing, (obviously) unless of course one is a feminist or a staff in some woman's shelter, then it's all men's fault. 
These instances are coming more and more noticeable because people are starting to look at these crimes not as a male only crime but a crime perpetrated by bad people.
Blaming only one gender forced some to expose the realities of such a crime, and that is deviant behavior is never a one sided issue.
Of course we can't blame all female teachers of been sexual hounds on young boys, if we did, that would make us no better than feminists. 
Who themselves blame all men as been horn dogs who live for one thing.

As a species, we must outgrow our tribalism, claiming to be this against that, that against this, falsely blaming one over the other, not recognizing one needs the other, listening to idiocy that divides, so on; if we don't, those who thrive on dividing us, like feminism and their weak mangina supporters, the elite and many others, will continue to use us for personal gains and the generations to come will continue on this destructive path for humanity, and this will doom us to continuous hatred.

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