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Monday, April 4, 2016

‘Goebbels had less-biased articles’: Public slams MSM for Putin focus after Panama papers leak

The world’s media has been pointing at one person following a massive documents leak from a Panama law firm. But that person, President Vladimir Putin, wasn’t even mentioned in the data leak. Sections of the public are not happy at the media coverage.
Pictures of President Putin could be found on the front pages of highly-respected news publications around the globe. The Guardian and the Mail Online were both at it, despite the fact that in the 11.5 million documents that were published; Putin’s name was not mentioned once.
 Newspapers around the globe had plenty of world leaders to choose from: President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko managed to find his way on to the list, as did King Salman of Saudi Arabia. The father of British Prime Minister David Cameron was also among those mentioned. Despite these high-profile figures, the majority of the international media decided to accuse Putin of corruption. And even if the article itself was not about Putin, the cover picture suggested otherwise.
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They go on saying; cruz has better ground game, (ya we all saw how good they are when they weaseled the delegates in Louisiana while Trump got the votes.)
Trump loosing Wisconsin, big problem for him, but no mention of how far in front he is in New York and Pennsylvania. And if he does win them, it's over for cruz.

As for Canadian media, ctv, cbc, yes, Putin is mentioned even if no proof of him personally involved.
(Pssst! Look, Putin bad!)

Show of greed by the elite has been exposed before in the past few years, but not much came of it, Bloomberg pointed to this.

It's not a matter of taking Trump, Putin's or Russia's side, We just hate propaganda, they think were all stupid and can be guided on how to think.

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