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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Feminism; no longer a plus if one wants to keep one's job?

 Nintendo fires child-porn loving Feminazi

Some of you might have heard of Alison Rapp, a Twitter feminist who worked at Nintendo as Product Marketing Specialist, responsible for marketing of various video games. Alison became infamous because of her open support for pedophilia and legalization of child pornography.
In a series of “thesis” in which she criticizes Manga and Video Games, she injects her vile sexual Bolshevism, arguing that:
1- There are no major consequences from consuming child pornography

2- Child pornography constitutes free speech

3- Japan’s laws about child pornography are a product of Western white straight cishet colonialism sexism ism ism ism.
Alison wrote: “Criminalizing the the possession of a type of media – whether violent video games… controversial political or religious texts, or child pornography – is tantamount to criminalizing thought, and should be above countries like the U.S. and Japan who have such strong freedom of speech protections.” and “Child pornography is not the the cause of societal ills regarding children and its total eradication should not be considered a solution to these ills”.

And that’s what happens when people start taking feminists seriously instead of recognizing their condition as a mental illness that needs treatment and discipline. Soon after they start perverting society, and destroying innocence in the name of “progress” and “social justice”.

More info on this issue.

Nintendo Employee 'Terminated' After Smear Campaign Over Censorship, Company Denies Harassment Was Factor
The more we read and research the cult of feminism and manginism, the more you find this kind of crap, and we look at the comments, to see if anyone who identifies as one of them condemn this, and I "never" see any, not even one.
In "their world" specially where I live, local (fill in definition here) tried and tried to make me out to be the bad guy...
Using everything at their disposal to try to take us down, even someone they (woman's shelter especially with the help of a legal clinic) knew was mentally incompetent and associated with a person with a dubious background...and...other bad things.
False accusations, non-existent arrest warrants, abuse of the legal system, attacks on family, which thanks to "them", is so divided that it's irreconcilable, oh I could go on and on....
And I'm the bad guy?

What most of us think of feminism and their male supporters is not something that just popped out one day  by saying; "hey I think I'm going to hate feminism today".
Those of us who are against this idiotic cult of division and stupidity, populated by fools with an inferiority complex, got our thoughts by simply having first hand account of what their are capable of, their hatred of anything male, stay at home moms, their jealousy of other women, and the luring of young girls to their idea of empowerment...I.E. slut walks.
There is no rational about feminism today, it certainly has nothing to do with women's rights, and more to do with their personal bias against anything they judge to be the flavor of the month. (that coming from a feminist who claims to be for women's rights, yet when her husband got caught sexually abusing women, blamed the victims and right wing conspiracies)

Or in the case above, 
There are no major consequences from consuming child pornography

Child pornography constitutes free speech
and so many other we have pointed to, crap all of us have rejected since the dawn of time.
It's not enough they go after anything to do with what offers a nation stability, the traditional family, husbands, wives, marriage, but it seems nothing is taboo to them, not even kids.

Whether this person should have been fired or not is something we all have to decide for ourselves, we put enough info for one to start looking into it.
But I do know this, claiming the mantle of feminist or mangina, is no longer a plus, feminists, by they own behavior and words...
Have identified themselves as a hate-club, willing to do and say anything to demonize anyone they see fit, those who do not follow the line, whether deserving or not.
And when one works in a place where there are men and women around you, or that is run by men, one must remember a small minority claims that title, most see it as a negative, and others do not allow, such twisted views anywhere near them.
Don't get me wrong, want to be one, all the power to you, it's a free country, but remember this, if you do, you will have to explain that your not that kind of feminist, always be on the defensive that you don't hate men, been a working or stay-at-home mom is OK and not slavery, and a strong majority of men do not go around raping women for power.
Otherwise, what people now know of those up there, which has been implanted by their action and words, might come back and haunt you, or get one fired. Who the h*ll would want such negativity in their company or around them for that matter.

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