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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

FaceBook removes AVFM’s page...It begins, information control.

The A Voice for Men FaceBook page was unpublished by FaceBook today. No reason was given other than a generic inference that we were in violation of their community standards. I find no reason to believe that this means anything but the fact that we were in violation of their feminist based rules for speech.
This is a shame for the great team of people who worked hard producing material on a regular basis and for the 33,000 fans who had seen fit to like the page.
Their appeals process seems to be a sham as well. There is a single button to click for an appeal. They afford you no opportunity to ask questions or to get clarification on how a page is actually in violation of Facebook standards (which I am certain we were not in actuality).
So, in the short version, this appears to be the work of censorious feminist ideologues working in a modern Facebook environment that favors their agenda.
No matter what one thinks of AVFM, put that aside for one minute and think hard.
AVFN is controversial to some, but then again so is the wall street journal. the wash. post, the new york times, the huff post, to others. Where does freedom of expression begin or ends? 
When "they" tell us what to think, how to behave? 
As controversial as AVFN is, (to radical feminists and their manginas) the rest of us, (strong majority), have the reasoning and the intelligence to decide to read or not to read. Which the radical left, with their safe space, can never fully comprehend the value of freedom of choice and if they don't  know what it means, it's simple... respect others opinions, go or not, freedom of expression...so on.

If we let this happen, if we let facebook dictate what we can and cannot read, then what comes after is our fault. Facebook pages do "not" belong to them, it belong to the group or person and "they" are responsible for the content, when facebook decides who is allowed or not, it promotes propaganda, control of thoughts, and the expression of free speech.
A la...

After careful consideration, facebook was "pressured" to re-establish AVFN...another loss for the feminist and her mangina...go find a safe place now. Anti Feminism Australia and Exposing Feminism are still down.
Now you know why we do not have nor ever will have a facebook page.


Anonymous said...

When truth becomes hate speech.


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