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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Canadian Mockumentary Imagines a World Where Men Are Nearly Extinct...LOL. I say let's give it to them.

Have you ever heard the saying "a good man is hard to find?" Well, the entire gender is in jeopardy in a Canadian comedy which satirizes misandry on an extreme level.

No Men Beyond This Point, which had its North American debut at 2015’s Toronto International Film Festival, presents a world where men are a dying breed. Women have become asexual and can reproduce on their own. However, they seem to be having only girls. Many men are forced into hiding, while some take on more domesticated roles. "Women take over the world and guess what? We live in a world where there’s no wars and no f**king," one man says in the trailer, according to Jezebel.

The mockumentary will center on a quiet, unassuming housekeeper named Andrew Myers who ends up at the center of a battle to keep men from going extinct. He’ll have to face a society that doesn’t allow his gender to congregate in groups of more than two and women who really have no more use for his kind. Luckily for him, there are those who don’t believe men should completely disappear.
LOL. Here's to wishful thinking by radical feminist lesbians. Good luck with that.
Now, that said, I don't know how the hell they would survive without men, but hey, I have an idea, let's give the idiots a shot at their feminist utopia.

Let's see... for the next 10 years, we men will stop, digging for and working in the oil fields, building bridges and roads, homes and skyscrapers, not to mention their precious wind farms and solar panels.
Well stop working on farms and ranches, stop the manufacturing and transport of food, goods and .....
Ok well you get the point....
These idiots will say they can all do that, yes you can, well some anyway...
Let's see how you like or able to work 12 to 18 hours on a farm, or in the oil fields, under the ground in mines, on a bridges or a skyscraper. These things have to be fixed and maintain also.
Let's see how many feminists will be willing or able to do that kind of work...
Don't need oil you say, OK, look around you, your clothes, your food, you cell phone, your cat's food and litter, all dependent on it.... So STFU.
Hey, we are more than willing to step aside, after all, 95% of workplace injuries and deaths are men, under those circumstances I think a break is in order.
I have a funny suspicion....
After a few years, a lot of their cats will be on the dinner table for lack of food.

Let's see , how would they reproduce, can't clone, doesn't work, for the moment at least, the first generation is weak and life is short, even if they could improve, after a few generations the cloning material weakens and deteriorates. After the first generation is dead and buried, they would clone the clone? Then again, the clone of a clone of a clone? Say goodbye to the human species.
Producing a human from the genetic material of one gender also weakens the species, and eventually, again, your going into reproducing from a reproduction...Doesn't work in the long run either...

These fools say men start wars, ok, who ends them? Sure there are bad people even bad nations, ww2 was a perfect example, Isis is another, here the secret, it took the majority of men to stop a minority of bad ones.
And what, there are no female isis members? or there where no Nazi women, I suggest you search to see who ran the concentration camps or the gulags of Stalin.

Anyway, not to get to deep into human frailties, we men, offer you ten years to build your feminist utopia, we will step aside, give you everything you want, see if an all woman society and it's difficulties work for you.
We are sick and tired of your bullshit and your whining, we, unlike you idiots know damn well that a male only world would be f*cking boring and unsustainable, we don't want a world without women, because we, unlike you dumb-asses, know one can't survive without the other. But if it takes us to step aside to prove your idiocy is just that, then....
They say they want to keep a few around in a domesticated role?...Here you go, you can have these.
Instead of these....

Good luck with that.

As for the rest of us,  we decided to protect ourselves from feminist and mangina stupidity...(LOL)
Sarcasm aside, as adults we are supposed to do our best to make the world a better place for the next generation, not pull bullshit like this and hope idiocy takes hold.
And they wonder why they are so loathe.

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