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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Want to see what pro-liberal propaganda looks like? Vancitybuzz just got caught in a oops moment...lol

The honeymoon continues: 66% of Canadians approve of Trudeau

At the end of the post they ask a question;
And the answer is;
61.98 % so far does not approve.... only 34.53 do and still going down...lol.
Of course if their poll, if it ever was realistic, was done in a specific strong liberal riding, which me think it was, might be true, but as a whole this man-child, the selfie king, is going down faster than a snowball on fire...even the comment shows reality and their poor attempt at a Josef Goebbels style propaganda.
Canada as a whole despises weak leaders who can't be who they are supposed to be..


Anonymous said...

Just had a look...74+% say Trudeau is a big fat *no*.


Anonymous said...

As of 11PM March 19 it is at 77.87% say no, 19.24% say yes and 2.89% say undecided.

BlackWolf said...

Ya, not exactly the overwhelming support the media(specially the CBC) claim he has does it...want to see propaganda at it's best, watch the cbc, ctv, global...