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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Vagina Seeding??? WTF.

Vagina seeding is a thing, y’all.

If you’re thinking, “What the hell is vagina seeding” then congratulations on being a normal human being. But since I’ve now become familiarized with the term, and I don’t want to know it all by myself, I’m going to tell you all about it.

Vagina seeding is a new trend in birthing for c-section moms. Apparently, women who deliver babies via c-section are missing out on having their babies come into direct contact with their vaginas, and that’s supposedly a really bad thing now, so VAGINA SEEDING to the rescue!

Right before a c-section, a piece of gauze is inserted into the mother’s vagina so that it can absorb a bunch of secretions. Once it’s saturated (I know, gross), it’s removed and put in a sterile container. Then, after the baby is delivered, someone RUBS THAT GAUZE ALL OVER THE BABY’S FACE, MOUTH, EYES and SKIN, in order to replicate what the baby would deal with by being born vaginally.

If you are positively horrified by this, congratulations on being a normal human being.
Naturally, there are normal human beings who find this practice ridiculous. Dr. Victor Gonzalez-Quintero says, “The fact that newborns may face better outcomes after vaginal delivery may not have anything to do with [exposure to vaginal bacteria] itself, there’s just not enough data. More importantly, it could put babies at risk. We could be exposing newborns to infections if a mother is asymptomatic or we’ve failed to identify infections like Group B streptococcus, herpes, chlamydia, or gonorrhea during standard prenatal testing.”

But I mean, why let pesky information like that get in the way of crazy hippie crap like vagina seeding? It’s going to be ALL THE RAGE now, you guys.
Read whole article here.
Hippies, feminists, lefties, is there anything they can't do? lol.
I quit...too many stupid people in this world.
Sometimes we just have to laugh at the ridiculous.

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