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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Time for the Trumps of this world to reset things into reality. The weakness of the west is shown by the lack of protection for their own. And the lack of convictions.

Women no longer safe to walk the streets, that's the point here, and is this coming here?
You what to know what's crazy, the same people who demonize men in the west are the same ones who support bringing this here...
Ever heard of the expression; Barbarians at the gates?
A barbarian is, of course, an uncivilized person, or perhaps more accurately someone from a civilization or culture other than our own.
Barbarians at the gates basically means, a foreign people with foreign beliefs been invited into and injecting themselves into a civilize nation, or in Rome's case, an empire, and eventually bringing that civilization down.

As men, we are fighting multiple battles.
The first is the barbarians.
The second are those who bring them in.
And third is the feminist and her mangina who have tried to weakened the true defense of women, children and the Elderly...MASCULINITY.
Under those circumstances, we have an open season on those who thought they where safe.
Fortunately, not all men decided to be a feminist's mangina...
Wearing f*cking skirts to protest rapes...
 Even here, we have a Tinkerbell (the  p.m. of some canadians, definitely not mine) who claims he's a feminist, when someone asks him why, his answer is "it's 2015."
It's not his daughters whose in danger that's for sure. Thinking like that might have held some sway 20 years ago but in today's world, you can't go around claiming your a feminist if your a man or wear a skirt to protest your women getting raped and assaulted. I sometime wonder what would be the reaction of these idiots if it did happen to them or someone close to them. IT'S OK, THEY DIDN'T KNOW WHAT THEY WHERE DOING???

It's damn obvious now, that some refugees, muslims, or whatever, are seeing this as a weakness to be exploited, some even asking for their laws (sharia) to be implemented. You know, like stoning, honor killing, drowning, women if they have sex outside of marriage, among other crazy things)
Of course there are those who claim they are not all like that, OK, so where are their demonstration against their own who are raping and assaulting women, girls and even boys?

Our world, our surroundings, is protected and kept safe, not by the politically correct, the tinkerbells, the feminists or the manginas, it is protected by realistic people, it even protects the right of the weak to have the freedoms to say the things they do. Which we all know is a sign of weakness.
You know the irony, people like the obamas, clintons, trudeaus of this world also depend on those who are willing to sacrifice their all in order to dictate their twisted views to the rest of us.
If things don't settle into reality, and that's, this world is not the perfect place they make it out to be, we are in for decades of really nasty stuff and the worse is yet to come.

Beware if you tell the truth, the weak minded will call you "worse than hitler", racist, islamophobe, homophobe and every phobism they can think of to hide the inferiority of their arguments.

Donald J. Trump is not one person "guiding" anyone like the left and it's media does, Trump is an idea, a movement, a realization by those of us who want peace and security for our families that thing are on the wrong path. If not Trump, it would be someone else who decided, weakness invites aggression and things need to be put on an equal footing.
Since when is a healthy multicultural society ever flourished by forcing the majority to adapt to a foreign way of life? We don't want to impose our ways on anyone, and we never did unless forced to do so, just don't shove your ways in our faces as if we are obliged to accept it. Keep it in your house and leave ours alone.

It's time for the Trumps of our world to say "enough", we don't want to piss on anyone's parade, but we are no longer going to put up with those outside our circle imposing themselves. And don't be fooled by anyone's political correctness messages, showing weakness invites rapes, assaults, and everything else in between, even war.
How many people abused our world under people like reagan, thatcher, bush, harper?
The dictators of this world stuck their tails between their legs and walked softly if they wanted to keep what they had and such is the place of the betas.
If the alphas do nothing in a clan, the whole pack deteriorates and dies off or is taken over by a weaker one.
As we can see with what's going on, humans are no different. This is either; "our world is our own and we will defend it", or we give it up to the weak and the barbarian.

We are still here....
Touch "our daughters" and we'll show you what barbarianism really means...
Nuff said?

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