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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The pussification of the next generation; Thomas J. DiLorenzo on political correctness, safe spaces trigger warnings

We are so screwed....

What better way to have total control over the population, this way you don't need restrictive rules, martial law or totalitarianism, heck just pussify students and have patience. When they grow up, these people will be dependent on governments instead of themselves. Or so they think....
Socialism, always wrong but always trying....

Democracy and freedoms depends on the toughness and ruggedness of it's people, the willingness to fight and defend one's right through individuality.
Socialism and the people under it depends on the state telling them what their rights are according to the masses.
The other thing is, and most important, for socialism to take hold and succeed, they must destroy capitalism, impose hardships on people and families and then offer a way out, after the mayhem.
Don't be fooled, political correctness is socialism in disguise.
Capitalism, free market economy, might not be perfect but it's a lot better than what socialism proposes.
Which by the way...never worked.

Definition of;
Pussying out
-A complete douche, with no balls, when called upon to do something against the rules.

Definition of:
-Is a slang term for someone scared or weak.
-An insulting word for a man who is not strong.
-Insulting words for a man, pansy.

Definition of:
-Having the characteristics of a pussy; soft, timid, cowardly or effeminate.

Definition of:
-The act or process of pussifying a people.
-The state in which a society becomes less and less tough.

Just in case someone though we were been sexist...
And no I did not been a cute little cat either.

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