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Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Collapse of Swedish Police, Law and Legal System...Coming to North America, at the expense of it's citizens.

Remember, Sweden is a country that brags about how the feminist and their lowly manginas have their 50-50, actually feminist are in total control....
And here in North America, to the south, a declared feminist, (obama) and a possible one coming in (clinton)...and here in Canada, one that declared himself less than a man and claims he's a feminist...(trudeau)
Now, watch what comes next....
After financial melt down comes...?
All with the help of corrupt elitist who believes, the more you bring in the barbarian inside your borders, the cheaper the labor...at the expense of your own citizen.
Where is all the money for your retirement and to build affordable housing in Canada going first...
Tinkerbell is sending it...Mumbai.

Your Pension Fund May Be Gone By The Time You Retire, Trudeau Sends $2B To India
Canada’s pension fund is ready to invest $2 billion in affordable housing in Mumbai, a top Indian official said, in a move that would boost Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal of providing cheap housing to millions of people.
“A week back, the Canadian ambassador … informed me that the Canadian pension fund is ready to invest $2 billion in Mumbai for affordable housing,” Devendra Fadnavis, chief minister of Maharashtra state where Mumbai is located, told reporters.

The way it seems, tinkerbell has no plans to help any Canadians, the way he and his buddies are behaving, looks like they think we have too much and in need of no help
Maybe he and his circus should run for leadership of the U.N.
What is happening in Sweden and most of western Europe will happen in North American if we don't stop it. It's inevitable.
But hey, at least tinkerbell is getting all the selfies he needs and the ego boost to go with it from his university followers, otherwise known as, his mangina buddies...

 And you wonder why Americans are flocking to Donald J. Trump.

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