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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Someone is still the favorite subject of discussion at a man-hating shelter.

Just got home from an interview....
Lies and slanderous description of a certain person was used to finance added security, high fences... staffed with what can only be described as rancid haters of a certain gender.
Not to mention, false accusation of phone harassment to this shelter, false lock-downs to promote non-existent violent threats, oh sh*t, there is plenty more....lol.

From what we where told by our inside source, secret rooms, booze, preferential treatment for women making accusation even if they are false.WOW, a treasure trove of information...
I do believe you ***** where warned about this, guess you didn't take it seriously, a registered cease and desist was sent, gave you a chance but to stupid to take it???? So be it.
Now, let's get one thing straight, never been there, (shelter), never been close to it, never called anyone working or resident, on the phone, never threatened anyone, certainly never gave any of those fools any reason for a lock down.
What made them go rancid is the fact that one man said enough and fought back, did not cower, but stood his ground, these "people" are not used to that and have no experience in dealing with "a man" that fights back, not with violence but with logic, so "inventing" stories was their only alternative???
That's called slander...and this time there are multiple witnesses.
Slander is the act of making a false, negative spoken statement about someone. In law, the word slander is contrasted with libel, which is the act of making a false written statement about someone.

You see, the problem with liars is, the person they do lie about is eventually recognize for the person he or she really is and when that happens, people come forward...
This is not surprising to anyone who has had dealing with women shelters and their staff. The other thing is, many of those we spoke to had one thing they always brought up, the amount of posters and discussions about the promotion of lesbianism at these places, as if the residents did not have enough problems without been persuaded to adopt an alternative lifestyle, which all of them did mentioned it was not the place to do this. (their words not ours)
All men bad, all men rapists, all fathers bad so on, so on, was the thing residents where also blasted with every day...How under this kind of barrage, can any resident ever have a normal peaceful life without been scared of their shadows once they come out of these places?. 

Anyway, more to come, specifics, so that no one can claim this is ...invented.
By the way, amazing isn't it, residents of a woman's shelter are opening up to a man, the staff has tried to demonize...for years. LOL.


Allison said...

Holy shit
They still at it?
Call a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Ya,go for it,call a lawyer,sue their butts.

Anonymous said...

my cousin sued a woman shelter way back.I remember his lawyer,a woman by the way saying their weakness was their hatred of men and their mouths,Seems like nothing has changed.lol.

Almonte said...

Sounds to me like someone got to those idiots.