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Thursday, March 17, 2016


A COUNCIL run respite unit and in-home care service has been told to improve after staff refused to help a client buy pork pies and stopped them having bacon sandwiches for breakfast.

A new report by inspectors, who visited Wagtail Close in Buttershaw unannounced in January, found the actions of some staff were restricting people's right of choice and not everyone was getting food that met their personal preferences.

Examples included one patient who liked to have a bacon sandwich for breakfast each day and bought ham, sausages and pork pies when they went shopping, but said a number of staff would not support them to buy or cook those products because of their cultural requirements or lifestyle preferences.
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 This news outlet, the telegraph and argus, didn't have the balls, as you can read, to honestly report the truth behind the story and that is "Muslim staff  imposed they beliefs on the residents", tell them what they can and cannot eat.
Now that is a cowardly media in a time where we need honesty, some degree of it anyway.
The only thing they succeeded in doing is causing more resentment against muslims by hiding the truth and making it look like they are pandering to a small group who want to change things according to their own beliefs.
How cowardly are they...?
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Ya, I wonder why? 

This is another example of news media outlets who try to "guide" us on how we should think or behave...such is their belief in their own countrymen, treating us like we are a bunch of right wing extremist who goes around not been able to control ourselves, burning mosques and killing muslims if they tell the truth...(sarcasm)

If we are not careful, this will come here.

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