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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Jian Ghomeshi found not guilty on all charges; A good day for "REAL" victims of sexual violence.

 Blatchford: Ghomeshi not-guilty verdict 'a good day for justice 

Jian Ghomeshi was acquitted Thursday on all charges of sexual assault and choking following a trial that sparked an emotional nationwide debate on how the justice system treats abuse complainants as well as raucous courthouse protests over the verdict.

Justice William Horkins said he was unable to rely on the testimony from the three Ghomeshi complainants, describing their memories of alleged abuse at the hands of the former CBC broadcaster as “shifting” and suggesting their evidence at times strayed into outright lies.

All three women testified they were being romantic with Ghomeshi when he briefly turned violent in incidents dating to 2002 and 2003. The identities of two of the women are protected by a publication ban. The first witness alleged Ghomeshi pulled her hair in his car and punched her in his home, Lucy DeCoutere alleged Ghomeshi choked and slapped her in his home, and the third witness alleged Ghomeshi put his hands over her mouth in a Toronto park.

All Horkins had to go on, not unusual in sexual-assault cases, was the complainants’ credibility, which Horkins denounced without mincing words.

“What is troubling is not the lack of clarity, but the shifting facts from one telling to the next,
” Horkins said at one point during his hour-long decision. He was referring to DeCoutere’s testimony.

“In cross-examination, the value of her evidence suffered irreparable damage,” he said at another point, referring to the first complainant’s testimony.

Horkins stressed the presumption of innocence in criminal cases is “not a favour or charity” and conviction requires proof “beyond reasonable doubt.”

Nonetheless his verdict incensed some groups who predicted it would deter women from coming forward about sexual abuse.
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 The one thing that's good about all this mess, brought on by those trying to appease the radicals, is that true justice was served and shows that lying to get even does not work.
According to the feminists and their lowly manginas, women who make accusations should be instantly believed, even if there is exaggerations, does anybody know how dangerous this kind of thinking is? If a "mother's son" has an argument against a female, she can instantly attack him by simply accusing him of sexual misgivings and poof, he's in court for no reason but revenge. 
This happens a lot, especially in colleges and university, it is so bad, that it's even threatening the future education system and advancement of western nations.

It was pretty obvious the witnesses or accusers in this case where lying, even embellishing their stories, or should we say told to do it, either way, it smelled of revenge or maybe possible financial gains.
I mean come on...returning for more after a crime supposedly was committed, is not exactly solid evidence.
Shows someone might have liked it  enough to go back, not into s & m myself but from what I know, no one who thinks it's weird goes back for more?

In some of the demonstrators posters we see, "stop victim blaming, and rape is rape", no one is going to argue with that, but to believe someone who lies and invent stories for whatever reason does not help real victims of crime. As a matter of fact, feminists and their manginas are the ones who are scaring real victims from coming forward by promoting the idea that even if an accuser lies, she should be believed. When someone lies and those are exposed, as it was clearly in this story, one needs another lie to back up the first lie, and eventually one gets caught and when that happens and the case is over,(in a real scenario, which is not always the case). 
As for the feminists and their manginas crying wolf, as they did with this verdict, claiming no one will believe the victim, that's called B.S. propaganda. That's what's actually preventing real victims from coming forward, man-hating feminism and their promotion of all is fair in a court of justice, even lying. When a real victims see that a case has been found not guilty, feminists don't tell the reason and the truth why it was, (because of unsubstantiated stories), they just pass it off as another victim was denied.
If one believes they are a victim of crime, or sexual assault, don't go to a feminist organization, just tell the truth, otherwise, there is such a thing as "the benefit of the doubt", which lying will and does provide a viable defense. If it's true and honest, then justice will prevail...most of the time....

Again, it is feminist organizations, specially women's shelter staff that are preventing women from coming forward, not justice, their policy of "do anything to put a man in jail, all men rapists" also involves lying.
And when a case like this one has a not guilty plea because of B.S. lies, whose fault is it? Who is the ones promoting lying? Promoting false accusations?
Telling the truth works a h*ll of a lot better, believe me...

Feminism and manginism (men lacking balls) is the problem in our society,  as we can see like these situations, not the solution.

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