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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Did feminism make a fool of themselves at the Ghomeshi trail. And the weakened state of the western world.

Feminist chickens come home to roost at the Ghomeshi trial
 The Ghomeshi trial has to have been a giant embarrassment for Ottawa law professor and hard-core feminist Elizabeth Sheehy. In 2013, Sheehy published a book, Defending Battered Women on Trial. In it, Sheehy proposed that women who experience extreme abuse from their male partners should have the right to kill them pre-emptively – in their sleep, say – without fear of being charged with murder.
Handbooks for police across the country reflect the feminist vision of women that Sheehy embraces. In fact a decade ago some lawyers launched a human rights complaint against Alberta Justice over their “Handbook for police and prosecutors dealing with domestic violence (the twin gender crime to sexual assault) because it portrayed men always as perpetrators and women always as victims throughout its 160 pages, and because the concepts of “innocent until proven guilty” and “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” didn’t make a single appearance in all those pages.

The guiding principle of the handbook was that women must be believed and supported. Even in cases where abuse was known to be bilateral, the Handbook insisted that – contrary to the law – the police must charge the “dominant aggressor” – i.e. lay charges against the man.
Stonewalling and delays kept the case from moving forward, and the group ran out of resources and will to pursue it. So to this day the Handbook remains on the website of Alberta Justice, and continues to be used to train police and prosecutors there. According to former family law lawyer Grant Brown, who was one of the complainants, the Alberta Handbook is typical of the training manuals and materials deployed in other provinces and in other Western countries.
It would certainly seem to be the case in Ontario, given the brief police interviews and, in general, the interrogative kid gloves with which the three complainants in the Ghomeshi case were handled by the Crown, leaving the field of real inquiry wide open to a defence lawyer with no gender axe to grind.
As for the old feminist mantra that women never lie about abuse, can we finally lay that canard to rest? Women have lied about abuse and will continue to lie. When? When they are unscrupulous people to begin with, and there are certainly enough of those – male and female – to go around.
False accusations, invented stories, fake rapes, revenge, financial gains, hatred of men, and so many others for whatever reason at the time, is nothing new to those who have come up against a one sided court system when it comes to separation or divorce.
I think those who have been dragged into the process know exactly who is responsible and who backs them up. Feminism, the left, the political class, is directly responsible for what's going on, they offered no balance, only directed their hatred at men.

Of course they do have their manginas as a last resort when things don't go their way, trying to put everything together with the help of the left wing media like the CBC, who themselves could never survive financially if the liberal party didn't exist to provide them with thankful funds for a job well done in elections. Then there are others who try to get on the bandwagon, hoping to get a boost for their failing websites.
What Justin Trudeau Really Thinks of His Anti-Feminist Haters
Remember, anti-feminist haters according to feminists and "their manginas" also includes normal women who do not identify themselves as a weak gender in need of a safe place..

As for the mangina genre...well, there are some out there, a small minority but vocal, poor excuses of masculinity, those who have been accepted as eunuch in the feminist ranks and have no idea why their are alive.
Men drop to their knees to ask Trudeau to run for president

We all know guys like Tinkerbell are not in the majority, nor will they ever be, we know people lie, organizations get corrupt and some ever thrive on false accusations. (women's shelters)
Well now they have a hero, someone who is unable to understand the dangerous world we live in and puts people in danger for his personal beliefs, certainly not the rest of us, (men and women) who know exactly what's going on...
Feminism and their mangina are creating a dangerous group of sheeples that puts all our freedoms in terrible danger.

"If you kill your enemies, they win" ??? Maybe our Grandfather should not have gone to fight the Axis powers in WW2?

If you think there is no concerted effort by some to impose their personal will on us, then your living in a closed environment of your own making...
They have been promoting one group lately, (muslims) yet our own traditions are under attack, like Merry Christmas, Valentine, heck they are even going after what we eat, good ol'bacon and let's not forget the latest, Easter.
“Call me when they insult Mohammed during Ramadan” -- Maclean’s Easter cover asks “Did Jesus Really Exist?”

The way I see it, can't say they (governments) represent all of us anymore, since they have become nothing but a fringe who work for only one group, after all, their leaders said he didn't want anyone who is pro-life in it...(His words not mine)

As for the lefts and those with twisted views of the realities of this world, their propaganda sometime bites them in the ass...
The honeymoon continues: 66% of Canadians approve of Trudeau
Go to the end of the page and see for yourself what their own poll says...their site, their supporters, by the way.
Do you think Trudeau's government is doing a good job thus far?

No  82.98%  (5,100 votes)

Yes  14.59%  (897 votes)

Undecided  2.42%  (149 votes)

This isn't a manipulated CBC poll of 1500 chosen respondent, this is a Total Votes of 6,146.

What we have here is the weak minded, those with an inferiority complex, the intellectually challenged trying to destroy without thinking and realizing what basically keeps society and freedoms safe.
They are creating a breed of humans so weak, their conquest will be easy as pie.
For those who are aware, get ready, It's about to get really interesting.

You don't have to watch the news to figure something is wrong, or why they seem to try to embrace what they do, just sit with the family in front of the TV...and watch..Lucifer, Damian, Supernatural... Desensitize the masses, bad things can be fun, there is no God, the state is now your god, we will care for you?...not to mention the reality show like big brother Canada, where the women look more masculine than the males.
Not trying to be religious but, doesn't it seem like someone is in love with what we use to point as evil?
Next on their list, they will try to tag us? You know to keep us safe and all....(sarcasm)
They are actually trying to change nature itself...
 Then they will be able to take whatever they desire...If they succeed.

Strength is not an option in a democracy, freedom is not a perk, also morality is not a weakness, following an ideal that is not your own is. Knowing what the problem is and not doing anything about it puts our surroundings in a weakened position, and when that happens, someone or something else comes along and takes advantage of it.
History is full of examples, where some have taken advantage of a destabilized society, unless one is blind, this isn't exactly the happy and safe world they imagine it to be.

Doesn't it look like the west is just ripe for the picking, if thing continue on this path?

The N.C. Chronicles does not believe all women lies and falsely accuse, the majority walk side by side with the men around them trying to make things better for the next generation, we just do it without lying.
We only offer information, the rest is up to you.

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