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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Canada's (and the west) path to Controlling free speech.

Bullying is bad. But imagine trying to make a law against badness. Not against crimes, or against what the law calls torts — that is, when you cause measurable damage to someone, say, in a car accident. We already have those laws.
How could you possibly define "bullying" under the law?
Which brings us to the massive anti-bullying bylaw considered this week by Saskatoon’s city council. It comes with hefty fines and everything. Fines for “name calling, ridiculing, insulting, mocking.”
And fines for “shunning” — that is, not wanting to be around another person.
So say an ugly fat guy or girl is in a bar, but beautiful people over there are shunning him. That is now against the law. Saskatoon city council says so.
This new law would apply anywhere in the city: Any building, any public vehicle like a taxi, on any street or sidewalk or even any ditch. Any restaurant or store or bar.
Oh, except inside the city council chambers itself. They’re still free to bully people. Isn’t that funny?
We can laugh at this story, but this is part of an international “anti-bullying” movement that poses real threats to our freedom.

There are different kinds of controlling free speech, this is definitely one of them, and a bad one at that.  This is population control at it's best, taking the bullying issue, or what "they" consider bullying and using it to their advantage to curtail what's left of the peoples rights to a voice.
We already have libel and slander laws on the books which take care of people if they consider themselves to be picked on verbally. And if someone threaten you physically, then call 9-1-1.
Canada's elite has taken a dangerous path lately, politically there is no center left or right anymore, but an imposition of personal feelings into the taste of the day.
Whether it's giving away billions to other nations while your own freeze outside, kids go to school hungry, Elderly have to choose from food or meds, or taking pension fund billions and giving it to Mumbai India so they can build affordable housing, all the while your own people have to wait decades on some waiting list to have one of their own, well, at the least, such a pompous elitist is loved outside his own country and has the ability to take selfies convincing himself that his inferiority complex is misplaced (won't name names).
Add giving 650 million as a reward to a TV station (THE CBC,Canadian broadcasting corporation) which can't survive on it's own merit and programing, for tipping the balance in the last election and offering free time to a specific political party and you have what we call, the guiding principal behind a controlled election, or GUIDING PEOPLE. My God, have we become so gullible?
And what we have here are politicians who believe that their own people have enough or are too pampered, so they give what rightfully belongs to them to anyone else they seem worthy. That's using a nations taxpayers to finance personal pet projects.

The point is, they try, sometimes don't succeed, but when it fails it's not the end of it by a long shot, they bring it back in another form in the future, kind  of a test run. Eventually people are so desensitized that it passes without a whim. 
One way or another, if someone from the recent pass,was transferred instantly to today, they would be horrified at how many laws have passed already curtailing freedoms under the false pretense to protect "feelings".
Unless people realize, the elitist don't give a sh*t about them, but use the taste of the day to pass laws after laws that nips at freedom, we will all wake up some day, standing in a place we don't want to be in.
This is what happens when you are turned into a sheeple and refuse to fight back in fear it might affect you financially...believe me, the elitists know exactly what they are doing.
But...to the weak sheeple who refuse to speak up, don't worry, eventually they will go too far and those who are the true protector of your freedom will rise and fix things...again and again and again...just because you refused to take a stand and say enough...
 Actually, "WE" are getting sick and tired of fixing thing for you so you can hand it back to inferior elitists...
Maybe next time we will keep it all. Because...

It's pretty damn obvious, you can't be trusted anymore...

So... Don't ask or wonder why D.J. Trump is making inroads, we are sick of your weakness.
Freedoms are not protected by the weak or betas...

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