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Thursday, March 17, 2016

BUZZFEED VS MEN; Feminists, manginas and the politically correct. This new generation is your future.

11 year old girl takes on Buzzfeed and absolutely destroys them.
Many of us have been around a few times, but have we ever seen such a destructive forces as feminism and their lowly insecure manginas...
Their path to self destruction was inevitable, the very idea demonizing men would have a desirable effect they so wished for, has come back to bite them in the arse.
The only thing left of that group are either radical lesbians surrounded by the insecure pink shirt wearing mangina whose only goal in life is to be accepted by anyone even if it is by the man hating feminist.
(Case in point)
The younger generation has return to more traditional lifestyle and it's growing, they (feminists) tried to go against nature itself and nature is fighting back.
We all have certain rules to live by, it is imprinted in us by evolution and the idea that one micro-minor insignificant group can mold the world according to their hate and their lack of self-confidence or their slutty attitudes was doom to failure from the start.
Though they have failed largely because of their dark character of hate and self loathing, they are still around for a while and we must always be on our toes to make sure they never achieve the power they had in the past.
For the good of future generations, throwing them in the garbage is not enough, we must put them in a graveyard of history with a tombstone, so we can point out to the young, the damage, hate, one small group can do the the security of families and children, even nations themselves.
In our experiences, feminism and their manginas have gone against kids, putting them at risk to get even with a father, single mothers, stay at home moms, as long as the end goal was to demonize, destroy and even drive to suicide any man they so chose. But the worse of all, is the lowly mangina, the male of the species who is so insecure against real men that he will side with the very group who see him as nothing more than a tick on some rats balls. (pardon my french).
This thing, (the mangina) is of use to no one other than the man-hater, to be used like we use a poop-bag to pick up our pets left-overs, incapable of protecting anyone, in fear of any man who shows strength, this species is so far down the evolutionary scale with his masters that one have to lift the barrel of life to find him, but even a rat has its use, cleaning up the dead.

Always remember your place in the circle of life, it is the masculine who provides the security and freedom to the feminine, the child and the Elder, to be who "they" wish to be, not some inferiority based organization
No one is above the other, the feminine and the masculine need each other to survive and to guide the young to a secure and productive life, mutual respect goes a long way in recognizing equality. And whether they (feminist and her mangina) like it or not, even their freedom to express the idiocy they represent totally depends on man to protect that right...and that's what eats at them the most, when you remind them of this...

Such is nature and it cannot be changed.
See for yourself;
Who do women really like deep down inside...
Some poor insecure male with a pink shirt pretending to be something he wishes he could be?
Or the though alpha male who takes no sh*t, demands respect for his women, and spits our masculinity...
Even if he is...fictional...
And that was just the ones I could fit...

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