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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"Allah instructed him to stab two members of Canada's military at a Toronto recruitment center."

Man accused of stabbing Canadian soldiers appears in court
This is just the beginning, the more they bring here, the more they will pump each others heads to do it...what next? Women and children? Thank God no one died...
There is now blood on the governments hands, they are the ones who bring these people here in massive numbers. Let's see how this fool likes our jails...
That said;
The more you bring in, the more they will search out those whom they feel comfortable with. They will not have to integrate since everyone around them behave the same.
In this group you will have the few radical who will prey on the vulnerable, the young, the unemployed, the poor, and will find a receptive audience.
That's what happens when you bring in too many at one time, no time to integrate into the new country, no motivation to learn new ways since they have their own, in their own neighborhoods. This isn't racist thoughts, it's what happened in Europe, like Sweden, France and Germany. Their first priority was not to their new homes and country but to their religion and that conflicts with western society.
This has caused financial pressure, discourse in the population, even high crimes like rapes.

There are 2 reason I can think of, why people like trudeau and his out-of-touch flying circus friends are doing this, one is, none of these refugees will ever occupy space in their neighborhood or their homes, totally out of touch with realities, so they have no incentive to look at different more rational policies, the other is....cheap labor and to keep salaries down. (which is a really bad idea for the stability of a nation)

There was a time they (governments) could do this and get away with it, the only info we had is what they told a willing newspaper and TV news media what to say, that time has long come and gone.
Propaganda just doesn't work anymore, the web made sure of that, unless one is a total sheeple of course and their are some.
As for the rest of us, we know what's going on in Europe, we know what's causing the problem, it's not that we don't want to help, it's just that we have our own problems and we don't need any more added to them.

Expect this to continue, till time comes when the people have add just about enough of been told how to act, what to think and how to behave....the last time this happened it was called the French, Russian, American revolutions...unless of course they (elitists) feel so safe behind their steel fences that they believe this could never happen to them?

Remember this, for every able bodied man you see above, women, sisters, mothers, daughters, sons, elders, where left behind in a frigging war zone, to starve, be abused, raped, sold into slavery.... (just saying)

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