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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Things not so rosy on planet kardashia...

Uh oh. Kanye West may soon be demanding a paternity test, now that a shocking new report claims he’s not North’s biological father. Apparently, Kim Kardashian used an ex-boyfriend’s sperm to conceive North, and if it turns out to be true, Kanye will divorce her.

This is like a crazy episode of Maury! A shocking new report claims Kanye West‘s not the biological father of North West, and if the rapper finds out, he’ll “definitely demand a paternity test.

“If he did find out that North might not be his biological child, he’d definitely demand a paternity test. And if it turns out he isn’t the father, he’d divorce Kim [Kardashian],” a source told Star magazine. Oh boy — that’d be the third divorce for Kim, who was previously married to Damon Thomas and Kris Humphries.

As HollywoodLife.com previously reported, Kanye’s wife may have used an ex’s sperm to conceive both North and Saint West. “There has been a lot of buzz that North is not Kanye’s biological child, and the rumors have been intensifying lately,” the insider told Star magazine. “There’d been buzz that Kim had frozen some embryos, which she’d created with an ex-boyfriend’s sperm, so she could have a baby when she was ready.” Apparently, Kanye wasn’t as eager about having kids as Kim was. “When Kanye refused to back down, Kim may have had one of the embryos implanted,” the source said. “She didn’t have time to wait for Kanye to change his mind.”
Is this the first shot across the bow, showing that west is not happy with this publicity marriage? 
I guess "who cares" comes to mind when it come to the kardasian world of talent-less people.
Thing is, this been her third marriage, on her way to replacing zaza gabor as the marriage queen. Kim must realize and girls like her for that matter, who listen to the wrong advice (feminists in Hollywood), guys do not like the idea that their women flash their goodies all over the internet so that everyone can see what he considers to be his private world. When someone like kim and those like her does this, they not only show disrespect for themselves, but for the man they are with. And where is the mystery when everyone know what your woman looks like naked.
Don't like it?
To bad.
That's the way things work with the male species. Even for guys like West.

Of course we all support women who empower themselves even if they do it to get as much publicity to counter their lack of any talent, not so sure doing it bare-ass is the way to do it or has the return one wishes for.
But hey, if that works, all the power to ya. After all, respect is earned, not given, and if some of the ladies think they will get it from the men around them by displaying their goodies, so other men can see them, so be it.
Let it not be said that men do not respect the freedom of choice, then we will make our own decisions on what we see.

The N.C. Chronicles does not judge all women by the action of a few, majority have self respect and make their own choices in life according to it and not according to the latest fad or by what others tell them.
Whether male or female, individual choices is what freedom truly represents and the idea that what we do for the moment reflects on the future behavior of the young.

Yes I know, the kardashians, but I felt like talking about something other than the  "as the stomach turns" daytime soap a.k.a., politics.
Although the way things are going in the west politically, seems like the same thing.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

And the pro-liberal propaganda continues, new poll try to guide people how to think.

Federal Liberal continue to dominate...The forum poll....

Federal Liberal continue to dominate

Read more at: http://poll.forumresearch.com/post/2477/ndp-still-bleeding/
Copyright ©Forum Research Inc.
MMM! somethings wrong in liberal make believe land of fantasy

6,158 total votes vs forum's 1500's ...
Do you think Trudeau's government is doing a good job thus far?
No 82.95% (5,108 votes)
Yes 14.62% (900 votes)
Undecided 2.43% (150 votes)

Just saying...lol

Democracy is democracy, I have no problem with people's "REAL" choices, or those who oppose it, what I do have a problem with is these fake polls who try to bolster a specific political party, at the expense of our intelligence.
I could come up with the ndp been in front if I target a specific area.
1500 is  never  a realistic poll, compared to 6000.

Did feminism make a fool of themselves at the Ghomeshi trail. And the weakened state of the western world.

Feminist chickens come home to roost at the Ghomeshi trial
 The Ghomeshi trial has to have been a giant embarrassment for Ottawa law professor and hard-core feminist Elizabeth Sheehy. In 2013, Sheehy published a book, Defending Battered Women on Trial. In it, Sheehy proposed that women who experience extreme abuse from their male partners should have the right to kill them pre-emptively – in their sleep, say – without fear of being charged with murder.
Handbooks for police across the country reflect the feminist vision of women that Sheehy embraces. In fact a decade ago some lawyers launched a human rights complaint against Alberta Justice over their “Handbook for police and prosecutors dealing with domestic violence (the twin gender crime to sexual assault) because it portrayed men always as perpetrators and women always as victims throughout its 160 pages, and because the concepts of “innocent until proven guilty” and “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” didn’t make a single appearance in all those pages.

The guiding principle of the handbook was that women must be believed and supported. Even in cases where abuse was known to be bilateral, the Handbook insisted that – contrary to the law – the police must charge the “dominant aggressor” – i.e. lay charges against the man.
Stonewalling and delays kept the case from moving forward, and the group ran out of resources and will to pursue it. So to this day the Handbook remains on the website of Alberta Justice, and continues to be used to train police and prosecutors there. According to former family law lawyer Grant Brown, who was one of the complainants, the Alberta Handbook is typical of the training manuals and materials deployed in other provinces and in other Western countries.
It would certainly seem to be the case in Ontario, given the brief police interviews and, in general, the interrogative kid gloves with which the three complainants in the Ghomeshi case were handled by the Crown, leaving the field of real inquiry wide open to a defence lawyer with no gender axe to grind.
As for the old feminist mantra that women never lie about abuse, can we finally lay that canard to rest? Women have lied about abuse and will continue to lie. When? When they are unscrupulous people to begin with, and there are certainly enough of those – male and female – to go around.
False accusations, invented stories, fake rapes, revenge, financial gains, hatred of men, and so many others for whatever reason at the time, is nothing new to those who have come up against a one sided court system when it comes to separation or divorce.
I think those who have been dragged into the process know exactly who is responsible and who backs them up. Feminism, the left, the political class, is directly responsible for what's going on, they offered no balance, only directed their hatred at men.

Of course they do have their manginas as a last resort when things don't go their way, trying to put everything together with the help of the left wing media like the CBC, who themselves could never survive financially if the liberal party didn't exist to provide them with thankful funds for a job well done in elections. Then there are others who try to get on the bandwagon, hoping to get a boost for their failing websites.
What Justin Trudeau Really Thinks of His Anti-Feminist Haters
Remember, anti-feminist haters according to feminists and "their manginas" also includes normal women who do not identify themselves as a weak gender in need of a safe place..

As for the mangina genre...well, there are some out there, a small minority but vocal, poor excuses of masculinity, those who have been accepted as eunuch in the feminist ranks and have no idea why their are alive.
Men drop to their knees to ask Trudeau to run for president

We all know guys like Tinkerbell are not in the majority, nor will they ever be, we know people lie, organizations get corrupt and some ever thrive on false accusations. (women's shelters)
Well now they have a hero, someone who is unable to understand the dangerous world we live in and puts people in danger for his personal beliefs, certainly not the rest of us, (men and women) who know exactly what's going on...
Feminism and their mangina are creating a dangerous group of sheeples that puts all our freedoms in terrible danger.

"If you kill your enemies, they win" ??? Maybe our Grandfather should not have gone to fight the Axis powers in WW2?

If you think there is no concerted effort by some to impose their personal will on us, then your living in a closed environment of your own making...
They have been promoting one group lately, (muslims) yet our own traditions are under attack, like Merry Christmas, Valentine, heck they are even going after what we eat, good ol'bacon and let's not forget the latest, Easter.
“Call me when they insult Mohammed during Ramadan” -- Maclean’s Easter cover asks “Did Jesus Really Exist?”

The way I see it, can't say they (governments) represent all of us anymore, since they have become nothing but a fringe who work for only one group, after all, their leaders said he didn't want anyone who is pro-life in it...(His words not mine)

As for the lefts and those with twisted views of the realities of this world, their propaganda sometime bites them in the ass...
The honeymoon continues: 66% of Canadians approve of Trudeau
Go to the end of the page and see for yourself what their own poll says...their site, their supporters, by the way.
Do you think Trudeau's government is doing a good job thus far?

No  82.98%  (5,100 votes)

Yes  14.59%  (897 votes)

Undecided  2.42%  (149 votes)

This isn't a manipulated CBC poll of 1500 chosen respondent, this is a Total Votes of 6,146.

What we have here is the weak minded, those with an inferiority complex, the intellectually challenged trying to destroy without thinking and realizing what basically keeps society and freedoms safe.
They are creating a breed of humans so weak, their conquest will be easy as pie.
For those who are aware, get ready, It's about to get really interesting.

You don't have to watch the news to figure something is wrong, or why they seem to try to embrace what they do, just sit with the family in front of the TV...and watch..Lucifer, Damian, Supernatural... Desensitize the masses, bad things can be fun, there is no God, the state is now your god, we will care for you?...not to mention the reality show like big brother Canada, where the women look more masculine than the males.
Not trying to be religious but, doesn't it seem like someone is in love with what we use to point as evil?
Next on their list, they will try to tag us? You know to keep us safe and all....(sarcasm)
They are actually trying to change nature itself...
 Then they will be able to take whatever they desire...If they succeed.

Strength is not an option in a democracy, freedom is not a perk, also morality is not a weakness, following an ideal that is not your own is. Knowing what the problem is and not doing anything about it puts our surroundings in a weakened position, and when that happens, someone or something else comes along and takes advantage of it.
History is full of examples, where some have taken advantage of a destabilized society, unless one is blind, this isn't exactly the happy and safe world they imagine it to be.

Doesn't it look like the west is just ripe for the picking, if thing continue on this path?

The N.C. Chronicles does not believe all women lies and falsely accuse, the majority walk side by side with the men around them trying to make things better for the next generation, we just do it without lying.
We only offer information, the rest is up to you.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Someone is still the favorite subject of discussion at a man-hating shelter.

Just got home from an interview....
Lies and slanderous description of a certain person was used to finance added security, high fences... staffed with what can only be described as rancid haters of a certain gender.
Not to mention, false accusation of phone harassment to this shelter, false lock-downs to promote non-existent violent threats, oh sh*t, there is plenty more....lol.

From what we where told by our inside source, secret rooms, booze, preferential treatment for women making accusation even if they are false.WOW, a treasure trove of information...
I do believe you ***** where warned about this, guess you didn't take it seriously, a registered cease and desist was sent, gave you a chance but to stupid to take it???? So be it.
Now, let's get one thing straight, never been there, (shelter), never been close to it, never called anyone working or resident, on the phone, never threatened anyone, certainly never gave any of those fools any reason for a lock down.
What made them go rancid is the fact that one man said enough and fought back, did not cower, but stood his ground, these "people" are not used to that and have no experience in dealing with "a man" that fights back, not with violence but with logic, so "inventing" stories was their only alternative???
That's called slander...and this time there are multiple witnesses.
Slander is the act of making a false, negative spoken statement about someone. In law, the word slander is contrasted with libel, which is the act of making a false written statement about someone.

You see, the problem with liars is, the person they do lie about is eventually recognize for the person he or she really is and when that happens, people come forward...
This is not surprising to anyone who has had dealing with women shelters and their staff. The other thing is, many of those we spoke to had one thing they always brought up, the amount of posters and discussions about the promotion of lesbianism at these places, as if the residents did not have enough problems without been persuaded to adopt an alternative lifestyle, which all of them did mentioned it was not the place to do this. (their words not ours)
All men bad, all men rapists, all fathers bad so on, so on, was the thing residents where also blasted with every day...How under this kind of barrage, can any resident ever have a normal peaceful life without been scared of their shadows once they come out of these places?. 

Anyway, more to come, specifics, so that no one can claim this is ...invented.
By the way, amazing isn't it, residents of a woman's shelter are opening up to a man, the staff has tried to demonize...for years. LOL.

That strange relationship of feminism and Islam...Do feminists secretly want to be controlled?

Recently in that capitol of all things left and weird, Ottawa Ontario Canada, feminists and left wing nut jobs promoted hijab day or "cover your femininity so you don't get raped scarf day".
They (feminists and their manginas) promoted it as...yes...empowering women...
Now, anyone who is well informed, knows damn well, the scarf or that "cover your whole body" burka, has absolutely nothing to do with traditional dress or religion for that matter...
The reality is, it's a rule pass down by someone down the line(probably a eunuch...better known in the west as; a mangina...lol) to control women in some way or another, in other words, as they (islam) put it, "if you don't cover yourself, then you are asking to be raped", and if you are raped, then you (a woman) had sex outside of marriage and the family has the right to honor killing or you could be stoned to death in public...
Don't get me wrong, if women want to wear this "hijab" or the ridiculous burka, it's their choice, but they better realize what it really represent, CONTROL, and definitely not tradition...

Promoting backwardness to western women...as...EMPOWERING.
And they ask why their numbers are dwindling ??? Maybe it's because people recognize dumb-ass stupidity when they see it? (some anyway) While the followers...
This is how f*cked up these people are, in one breath they will promote slut walks and in another a restrictive piece of "cover your femininity" hijab....

If we may;
We would like to congratulate the ladies of Lanark county Ontario, for refusing to participate in a slut walk which local hags tried to promote...and had to be cancelled.
Women with class must always be recognized.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Canada's (and the west) path to Controlling free speech.

Bullying is bad. But imagine trying to make a law against badness. Not against crimes, or against what the law calls torts — that is, when you cause measurable damage to someone, say, in a car accident. We already have those laws.
How could you possibly define "bullying" under the law?
Which brings us to the massive anti-bullying bylaw considered this week by Saskatoon’s city council. It comes with hefty fines and everything. Fines for “name calling, ridiculing, insulting, mocking.”
And fines for “shunning” — that is, not wanting to be around another person.
So say an ugly fat guy or girl is in a bar, but beautiful people over there are shunning him. That is now against the law. Saskatoon city council says so.
This new law would apply anywhere in the city: Any building, any public vehicle like a taxi, on any street or sidewalk or even any ditch. Any restaurant or store or bar.
Oh, except inside the city council chambers itself. They’re still free to bully people. Isn’t that funny?
We can laugh at this story, but this is part of an international “anti-bullying” movement that poses real threats to our freedom.

There are different kinds of controlling free speech, this is definitely one of them, and a bad one at that.  This is population control at it's best, taking the bullying issue, or what "they" consider bullying and using it to their advantage to curtail what's left of the peoples rights to a voice.
We already have libel and slander laws on the books which take care of people if they consider themselves to be picked on verbally. And if someone threaten you physically, then call 9-1-1.
Canada's elite has taken a dangerous path lately, politically there is no center left or right anymore, but an imposition of personal feelings into the taste of the day.
Whether it's giving away billions to other nations while your own freeze outside, kids go to school hungry, Elderly have to choose from food or meds, or taking pension fund billions and giving it to Mumbai India so they can build affordable housing, all the while your own people have to wait decades on some waiting list to have one of their own, well, at the least, such a pompous elitist is loved outside his own country and has the ability to take selfies convincing himself that his inferiority complex is misplaced (won't name names).
Add giving 650 million as a reward to a TV station (THE CBC,Canadian broadcasting corporation) which can't survive on it's own merit and programing, for tipping the balance in the last election and offering free time to a specific political party and you have what we call, the guiding principal behind a controlled election, or GUIDING PEOPLE. My God, have we become so gullible?
And what we have here are politicians who believe that their own people have enough or are too pampered, so they give what rightfully belongs to them to anyone else they seem worthy. That's using a nations taxpayers to finance personal pet projects.

The point is, they try, sometimes don't succeed, but when it fails it's not the end of it by a long shot, they bring it back in another form in the future, kind  of a test run. Eventually people are so desensitized that it passes without a whim. 
One way or another, if someone from the recent pass,was transferred instantly to today, they would be horrified at how many laws have passed already curtailing freedoms under the false pretense to protect "feelings".
Unless people realize, the elitist don't give a sh*t about them, but use the taste of the day to pass laws after laws that nips at freedom, we will all wake up some day, standing in a place we don't want to be in.
This is what happens when you are turned into a sheeple and refuse to fight back in fear it might affect you financially...believe me, the elitists know exactly what they are doing.
But...to the weak sheeple who refuse to speak up, don't worry, eventually they will go too far and those who are the true protector of your freedom will rise and fix things...again and again and again...just because you refused to take a stand and say enough...
 Actually, "WE" are getting sick and tired of fixing thing for you so you can hand it back to inferior elitists...
Maybe next time we will keep it all. Because...

It's pretty damn obvious, you can't be trusted anymore...

So... Don't ask or wonder why D.J. Trump is making inroads, we are sick of your weakness.
Freedoms are not protected by the weak or betas...

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Jian Ghomeshi found not guilty on all charges; A good day for "REAL" victims of sexual violence.

 Blatchford: Ghomeshi not-guilty verdict 'a good day for justice 

Jian Ghomeshi was acquitted Thursday on all charges of sexual assault and choking following a trial that sparked an emotional nationwide debate on how the justice system treats abuse complainants as well as raucous courthouse protests over the verdict.

Justice William Horkins said he was unable to rely on the testimony from the three Ghomeshi complainants, describing their memories of alleged abuse at the hands of the former CBC broadcaster as “shifting” and suggesting their evidence at times strayed into outright lies.

All three women testified they were being romantic with Ghomeshi when he briefly turned violent in incidents dating to 2002 and 2003. The identities of two of the women are protected by a publication ban. The first witness alleged Ghomeshi pulled her hair in his car and punched her in his home, Lucy DeCoutere alleged Ghomeshi choked and slapped her in his home, and the third witness alleged Ghomeshi put his hands over her mouth in a Toronto park.

All Horkins had to go on, not unusual in sexual-assault cases, was the complainants’ credibility, which Horkins denounced without mincing words.

“What is troubling is not the lack of clarity, but the shifting facts from one telling to the next,
” Horkins said at one point during his hour-long decision. He was referring to DeCoutere’s testimony.

“In cross-examination, the value of her evidence suffered irreparable damage,” he said at another point, referring to the first complainant’s testimony.

Horkins stressed the presumption of innocence in criminal cases is “not a favour or charity” and conviction requires proof “beyond reasonable doubt.”

Nonetheless his verdict incensed some groups who predicted it would deter women from coming forward about sexual abuse.
Read whole article here...
 The one thing that's good about all this mess, brought on by those trying to appease the radicals, is that true justice was served and shows that lying to get even does not work.
According to the feminists and their lowly manginas, women who make accusations should be instantly believed, even if there is exaggerations, does anybody know how dangerous this kind of thinking is? If a "mother's son" has an argument against a female, she can instantly attack him by simply accusing him of sexual misgivings and poof, he's in court for no reason but revenge. 
This happens a lot, especially in colleges and university, it is so bad, that it's even threatening the future education system and advancement of western nations.

It was pretty obvious the witnesses or accusers in this case where lying, even embellishing their stories, or should we say told to do it, either way, it smelled of revenge or maybe possible financial gains.
I mean come on...returning for more after a crime supposedly was committed, is not exactly solid evidence.
Shows someone might have liked it  enough to go back, not into s & m myself but from what I know, no one who thinks it's weird goes back for more?

In some of the demonstrators posters we see, "stop victim blaming, and rape is rape", no one is going to argue with that, but to believe someone who lies and invent stories for whatever reason does not help real victims of crime. As a matter of fact, feminists and their manginas are the ones who are scaring real victims from coming forward by promoting the idea that even if an accuser lies, she should be believed. When someone lies and those are exposed, as it was clearly in this story, one needs another lie to back up the first lie, and eventually one gets caught and when that happens and the case is over,(in a real scenario, which is not always the case). 
As for the feminists and their manginas crying wolf, as they did with this verdict, claiming no one will believe the victim, that's called B.S. propaganda. That's what's actually preventing real victims from coming forward, man-hating feminism and their promotion of all is fair in a court of justice, even lying. When a real victims see that a case has been found not guilty, feminists don't tell the reason and the truth why it was, (because of unsubstantiated stories), they just pass it off as another victim was denied.
If one believes they are a victim of crime, or sexual assault, don't go to a feminist organization, just tell the truth, otherwise, there is such a thing as "the benefit of the doubt", which lying will and does provide a viable defense. If it's true and honest, then justice will prevail...most of the time....

Again, it is feminist organizations, specially women's shelter staff that are preventing women from coming forward, not justice, their policy of "do anything to put a man in jail, all men rapists" also involves lying.
And when a case like this one has a not guilty plea because of B.S. lies, whose fault is it? Who is the ones promoting lying? Promoting false accusations?
Telling the truth works a h*ll of a lot better, believe me...

Feminism and manginism (men lacking balls) is the problem in our society,  as we can see like these situations, not the solution.

How To Clean Your Arteries With One Simple Fruit

 Pomegranate Found To Prevent Coronary Artery Disease Progression

A new study published in the journal Atherosclerosis confirms that pomegranate extract may prevent and/or reverse the primary pathology associated with cardiac mortality: the progressive thickening of the coronary arteries caused by the accumulation of fatty materials known as atherosclerosis.[i]

Mice with a genetic susceptibility towards spontaneous coronary artery blockages were given pomegranate extract via their drinking water for two weeks, beginning at three weeks of age. Despite the fact that pomegranate treatment actually increased cholesterol levels associated with very low density lipoprotein-sized particles, the treatment both reduced the size of the atherosclerotic plaques in the aortic sinus (the dilated opening above the aortic valve) and reduced the proportion of coronary arteries with occlusive atherosclerotic plaques.

Remarkably, the researchers also found that pomegranate extract treatment resulted in the following beneficial effects:
Reduced levels of oxidative stress
Reduced monocytie chemotactic protein-1, a chemical messenger (chemokine) associated with             inflammatory processes within the arteries. 
Reduced lipid accumulation in the heart muscle
Reduced macrophage infiltration in the heart muscle
Reduced levels of monocyte chemotactic protein-1 and fibrosis in the myocardium
Reduced cardiac enlargement
Reduced ECG abnormalities
Read whole article here.
Remember, this can help in addition to consulting your doctor.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Time for the Trumps of this world to reset things into reality. The weakness of the west is shown by the lack of protection for their own. And the lack of convictions.

Women no longer safe to walk the streets, that's the point here, and is this coming here?
You what to know what's crazy, the same people who demonize men in the west are the same ones who support bringing this here...
Ever heard of the expression; Barbarians at the gates?
A barbarian is, of course, an uncivilized person, or perhaps more accurately someone from a civilization or culture other than our own.
Barbarians at the gates basically means, a foreign people with foreign beliefs been invited into and injecting themselves into a civilize nation, or in Rome's case, an empire, and eventually bringing that civilization down.

As men, we are fighting multiple battles.
The first is the barbarians.
The second are those who bring them in.
And third is the feminist and her mangina who have tried to weakened the true defense of women, children and the Elderly...MASCULINITY.
Under those circumstances, we have an open season on those who thought they where safe.
Fortunately, not all men decided to be a feminist's mangina...
Wearing f*cking skirts to protest rapes...
 Even here, we have a Tinkerbell (the  p.m. of some canadians, definitely not mine) who claims he's a feminist, when someone asks him why, his answer is "it's 2015."
It's not his daughters whose in danger that's for sure. Thinking like that might have held some sway 20 years ago but in today's world, you can't go around claiming your a feminist if your a man or wear a skirt to protest your women getting raped and assaulted. I sometime wonder what would be the reaction of these idiots if it did happen to them or someone close to them. IT'S OK, THEY DIDN'T KNOW WHAT THEY WHERE DOING???

It's damn obvious now, that some refugees, muslims, or whatever, are seeing this as a weakness to be exploited, some even asking for their laws (sharia) to be implemented. You know, like stoning, honor killing, drowning, women if they have sex outside of marriage, among other crazy things)
Of course there are those who claim they are not all like that, OK, so where are their demonstration against their own who are raping and assaulting women, girls and even boys?

Our world, our surroundings, is protected and kept safe, not by the politically correct, the tinkerbells, the feminists or the manginas, it is protected by realistic people, it even protects the right of the weak to have the freedoms to say the things they do. Which we all know is a sign of weakness.
You know the irony, people like the obamas, clintons, trudeaus of this world also depend on those who are willing to sacrifice their all in order to dictate their twisted views to the rest of us.
If things don't settle into reality, and that's, this world is not the perfect place they make it out to be, we are in for decades of really nasty stuff and the worse is yet to come.

Beware if you tell the truth, the weak minded will call you "worse than hitler", racist, islamophobe, homophobe and every phobism they can think of to hide the inferiority of their arguments.

Donald J. Trump is not one person "guiding" anyone like the left and it's media does, Trump is an idea, a movement, a realization by those of us who want peace and security for our families that thing are on the wrong path. If not Trump, it would be someone else who decided, weakness invites aggression and things need to be put on an equal footing.
Since when is a healthy multicultural society ever flourished by forcing the majority to adapt to a foreign way of life? We don't want to impose our ways on anyone, and we never did unless forced to do so, just don't shove your ways in our faces as if we are obliged to accept it. Keep it in your house and leave ours alone.

It's time for the Trumps of our world to say "enough", we don't want to piss on anyone's parade, but we are no longer going to put up with those outside our circle imposing themselves. And don't be fooled by anyone's political correctness messages, showing weakness invites rapes, assaults, and everything else in between, even war.
How many people abused our world under people like reagan, thatcher, bush, harper?
The dictators of this world stuck their tails between their legs and walked softly if they wanted to keep what they had and such is the place of the betas.
If the alphas do nothing in a clan, the whole pack deteriorates and dies off or is taken over by a weaker one.
As we can see with what's going on, humans are no different. This is either; "our world is our own and we will defend it", or we give it up to the weak and the barbarian.

We are still here....
Touch "our daughters" and we'll show you what barbarianism really means...
Nuff said?

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Collapse of Swedish Police, Law and Legal System...Coming to North America, at the expense of it's citizens.

Remember, Sweden is a country that brags about how the feminist and their lowly manginas have their 50-50, actually feminist are in total control....
And here in North America, to the south, a declared feminist, (obama) and a possible one coming in (clinton)...and here in Canada, one that declared himself less than a man and claims he's a feminist...(trudeau)
Now, watch what comes next....
After financial melt down comes...?
All with the help of corrupt elitist who believes, the more you bring in the barbarian inside your borders, the cheaper the labor...at the expense of your own citizen.
Where is all the money for your retirement and to build affordable housing in Canada going first...
Tinkerbell is sending it...Mumbai.

Your Pension Fund May Be Gone By The Time You Retire, Trudeau Sends $2B To India
Canada’s pension fund is ready to invest $2 billion in affordable housing in Mumbai, a top Indian official said, in a move that would boost Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal of providing cheap housing to millions of people.
“A week back, the Canadian ambassador … informed me that the Canadian pension fund is ready to invest $2 billion in Mumbai for affordable housing,” Devendra Fadnavis, chief minister of Maharashtra state where Mumbai is located, told reporters.

The way it seems, tinkerbell has no plans to help any Canadians, the way he and his buddies are behaving, looks like they think we have too much and in need of no help
Maybe he and his circus should run for leadership of the U.N.
What is happening in Sweden and most of western Europe will happen in North American if we don't stop it. It's inevitable.
But hey, at least tinkerbell is getting all the selfies he needs and the ego boost to go with it from his university followers, otherwise known as, his mangina buddies...

 And you wonder why Americans are flocking to Donald J. Trump.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Want to see what pro-liberal propaganda looks like? Vancitybuzz just got caught in a oops moment...lol

The honeymoon continues: 66% of Canadians approve of Trudeau

At the end of the post they ask a question;
And the answer is;
61.98 % so far does not approve.... only 34.53 do and still going down...lol.
Of course if their poll, if it ever was realistic, was done in a specific strong liberal riding, which me think it was, might be true, but as a whole this man-child, the selfie king, is going down faster than a snowball on fire...even the comment shows reality and their poor attempt at a Josef Goebbels style propaganda.
Canada as a whole despises weak leaders who can't be who they are supposed to be..

The last hurrah of feminism and their manginas.

She's right; Feminism is on damage control.

The last hurrah of the scoundrel is always to try to convince people they are not who they have claimed to be (rancid man-haters) all those years, but to switch to a lying pattern so they can regain past glory.

Problem is, once a group has been tagged as hater (feminism) or weak (manginas), it never goes away, specially now, where books cannot be re-written to benefit them and we have the web to read and judge for ourselves. True, something’s in the past does not fit in this society, but to have tried to change it to something worse has weakened it to a point where it is in danger of crumbling.

The main target of feminism and their manginas was the total destruction of marriage, traditional families, especially fatherhood, where did that get us? More poverty, homelessness, drug abuse with kids, forgotten elderly, but the most destructive was what they went after, their concept that there is no difference between the genders. Instead of promoting the individual strengths of each, they claimed men and women are the same and as we know they are not, nature saw to it.

The only similarities is, we are all of the human species, the differences between the gender is what makes us strong, it is what adds to our capabilities to deal with life, one has a different outlook than the other, we look at things in your own way...individually and on a basis of gender. That's what evolves humanity and society, not a "beehive mindset".

Feminism is on its last leg, we still have the leftover of that era that will sneak in and still tells us we are all bad, but basically people have realized advancements are easier and faster when we treat each other with respect for our individual significance in the circle of life. Demonizing one over the other has produced the weakest leaders, destroyed families, kids with no long term goals and those who believe they should get it all “right now” instead of working hard for it.

The hatred of that cult is front and center, their beliefs in been privileged made them so arrogant that they believe they can say anything they want, demonize anyone they see fit, destroy anyone in their path, fathers, husbands, even wives and stay-at-home-moms. We find the weakness of their character incredible and laughable, unable to realize they have become the joke and buffoons of a world that is waking up to their idiocy.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


A COUNCIL run respite unit and in-home care service has been told to improve after staff refused to help a client buy pork pies and stopped them having bacon sandwiches for breakfast.

A new report by inspectors, who visited Wagtail Close in Buttershaw unannounced in January, found the actions of some staff were restricting people's right of choice and not everyone was getting food that met their personal preferences.

Examples included one patient who liked to have a bacon sandwich for breakfast each day and bought ham, sausages and pork pies when they went shopping, but said a number of staff would not support them to buy or cook those products because of their cultural requirements or lifestyle preferences.
Read whole article here...
 This news outlet, the telegraph and argus, didn't have the balls, as you can read, to honestly report the truth behind the story and that is "Muslim staff  imposed they beliefs on the residents", tell them what they can and cannot eat.
Now that is a cowardly media in a time where we need honesty, some degree of it anyway.
The only thing they succeeded in doing is causing more resentment against muslims by hiding the truth and making it look like they are pandering to a small group who want to change things according to their own beliefs.
How cowardly are they...?
Comments are closed on this article.
Ya, I wonder why? 

This is another example of news media outlets who try to "guide" us on how we should think or behave...such is their belief in their own countrymen, treating us like we are a bunch of right wing extremist who goes around not been able to control ourselves, burning mosques and killing muslims if they tell the truth...(sarcasm)

If we are not careful, this will come here.

BUZZFEED VS MEN; Feminists, manginas and the politically correct. This new generation is your future.

11 year old girl takes on Buzzfeed and absolutely destroys them.
Many of us have been around a few times, but have we ever seen such a destructive forces as feminism and their lowly insecure manginas...
Their path to self destruction was inevitable, the very idea demonizing men would have a desirable effect they so wished for, has come back to bite them in the arse.
The only thing left of that group are either radical lesbians surrounded by the insecure pink shirt wearing mangina whose only goal in life is to be accepted by anyone even if it is by the man hating feminist.
(Case in point)
The younger generation has return to more traditional lifestyle and it's growing, they (feminists) tried to go against nature itself and nature is fighting back.
We all have certain rules to live by, it is imprinted in us by evolution and the idea that one micro-minor insignificant group can mold the world according to their hate and their lack of self-confidence or their slutty attitudes was doom to failure from the start.
Though they have failed largely because of their dark character of hate and self loathing, they are still around for a while and we must always be on our toes to make sure they never achieve the power they had in the past.
For the good of future generations, throwing them in the garbage is not enough, we must put them in a graveyard of history with a tombstone, so we can point out to the young, the damage, hate, one small group can do the the security of families and children, even nations themselves.
In our experiences, feminism and their manginas have gone against kids, putting them at risk to get even with a father, single mothers, stay at home moms, as long as the end goal was to demonize, destroy and even drive to suicide any man they so chose. But the worse of all, is the lowly mangina, the male of the species who is so insecure against real men that he will side with the very group who see him as nothing more than a tick on some rats balls. (pardon my french).
This thing, (the mangina) is of use to no one other than the man-hater, to be used like we use a poop-bag to pick up our pets left-overs, incapable of protecting anyone, in fear of any man who shows strength, this species is so far down the evolutionary scale with his masters that one have to lift the barrel of life to find him, but even a rat has its use, cleaning up the dead.

Always remember your place in the circle of life, it is the masculine who provides the security and freedom to the feminine, the child and the Elder, to be who "they" wish to be, not some inferiority based organization
No one is above the other, the feminine and the masculine need each other to survive and to guide the young to a secure and productive life, mutual respect goes a long way in recognizing equality. And whether they (feminist and her mangina) like it or not, even their freedom to express the idiocy they represent totally depends on man to protect that right...and that's what eats at them the most, when you remind them of this...

Such is nature and it cannot be changed.
See for yourself;
Who do women really like deep down inside...
Some poor insecure male with a pink shirt pretending to be something he wishes he could be?
Or the though alpha male who takes no sh*t, demands respect for his women, and spits our masculinity...
Even if he is...fictional...
And that was just the ones I could fit...

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Well that didn't take long...Canada falls out of top 5 on happiest countries list

Canada dropped one place from last year

The top 10 this year are Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden. Denmark was in third place last year, behind Switzerland and Iceland.
The United States came in at 13, the United Kingdom at 23, France at 32 and Italy at 50.

And who do we have to thank for this?
The selfie king himself and his flying circus of "let's give out billions to everyone but our own countrymen", so our noses can be brown from sticking it up the U.N's ass. And let's not forget the few who put these bozos in office....

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"Allah instructed him to stab two members of Canada's military at a Toronto recruitment center."

Man accused of stabbing Canadian soldiers appears in court
This is just the beginning, the more they bring here, the more they will pump each others heads to do it...what next? Women and children? Thank God no one died...
There is now blood on the governments hands, they are the ones who bring these people here in massive numbers. Let's see how this fool likes our jails...
That said;
The more you bring in, the more they will search out those whom they feel comfortable with. They will not have to integrate since everyone around them behave the same.
In this group you will have the few radical who will prey on the vulnerable, the young, the unemployed, the poor, and will find a receptive audience.
That's what happens when you bring in too many at one time, no time to integrate into the new country, no motivation to learn new ways since they have their own, in their own neighborhoods. This isn't racist thoughts, it's what happened in Europe, like Sweden, France and Germany. Their first priority was not to their new homes and country but to their religion and that conflicts with western society.
This has caused financial pressure, discourse in the population, even high crimes like rapes.

There are 2 reason I can think of, why people like trudeau and his out-of-touch flying circus friends are doing this, one is, none of these refugees will ever occupy space in their neighborhood or their homes, totally out of touch with realities, so they have no incentive to look at different more rational policies, the other is....cheap labor and to keep salaries down. (which is a really bad idea for the stability of a nation)

There was a time they (governments) could do this and get away with it, the only info we had is what they told a willing newspaper and TV news media what to say, that time has long come and gone.
Propaganda just doesn't work anymore, the web made sure of that, unless one is a total sheeple of course and their are some.
As for the rest of us, we know what's going on in Europe, we know what's causing the problem, it's not that we don't want to help, it's just that we have our own problems and we don't need any more added to them.

Expect this to continue, till time comes when the people have add just about enough of been told how to act, what to think and how to behave....the last time this happened it was called the French, Russian, American revolutions...unless of course they (elitists) feel so safe behind their steel fences that they believe this could never happen to them?

Remember this, for every able bodied man you see above, women, sisters, mothers, daughters, sons, elders, where left behind in a frigging war zone, to starve, be abused, raped, sold into slavery.... (just saying)

Friday, March 11, 2016

Canada plans to welcome up to 305,000 new permanent residents in 2016

OTTAWA – The Liberal government is seeking a record number of new immigrants this year by increasing spaces available for family reunification and refugee resettlement.
Between 280,000 and 305,000 new permanent residents will be admitted, a range that’s the highest projected level in decades.
Immigration Minister John McCallum said the plan is grounded in Canada’s tradition of being a welcoming and generous country.
Read whole article here
Canada joins Europe on immigration policies..
We've all seen what is happening in Europe, unless one is blind....
Bringing in to many at one time causes massive social problems, stress on our social programs and refugees will group themselves in one area and start demanding we accept their way of life over ours. It's not a matter of been racist or whatever, it just a matter of looking at what happened to other countries who adopted these policies and realizing what went wrong and making sure it does not happen here.
Want to be generous country, that's fine, make sure your generous to your own first...
Instead of spending all those billions outside the country, How about re-training Canadian workers, or an allowance for whole families to resettle in parts that need specific workers?
Instead of pandering to these people...
Or these, who look better fed than First Nation kids up North.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Kim Kardashian makes a fool of herself...again. A personal thought.

I think we all have come to a conclusion if it wasn't for her nudes, this talent-less person would not have stayed on the popularity billboard this long.
Sure she makes money but it's not her who developed games of whatever, she just passes on her name.
As for her constant nudes, that's called exhibitionism folks, it's a mental disorder.
Yes, some will like the bare ass pictures, some will drool over them, personally, not my cup'o' tea, especially her physique. I like women with class, and to be non politically correct, never been a one night stand kind of guy anyway, I personally am attracted to "class", women with self respect. The idea that women showing their goodies to the world seems destructive, women (and I use that term lightly) like kardashian have no idea young girls look up to this thing.

Ironically enough the kardashians started their popularity with the o.j. simpson murders. You know, where 2 people lost their lives in the most horrific manner. And the murderer got away with it.

One does not have to have lived in the past to respect women, empowerment of people, whatever the gender does not depend of how many times one shows their...goodies, but on what their action reflects to the young.
Narcissism or slutiness does not empower the most vulnerable, which is the young. Boys and girls will decide who a sl*t is, (or a man wh*re) no matter how much the state and schools want to change the way people think, one cannot change the nature of things. Sl*t walks for instance never really took hold, sure it was reported as if it did, but a few hundred participant does not make a movement.
They tried in Lanark county ontario, and the "Ladies" said, "NO THANK YOU".  So they had to cancel and realize, their self importance was in their own mind.
Class, determines the value of people, the character, the humility, hard work and even loyalty, to ones family, to their spouse, and specially to themselves. One also has to understand who is watching, who will imitate.
We are all responsible for the young, for their future and safety. If people like kardashian, sharon osborne are allowed to dictate the value of women through narcissism, some girls, too young to make rational decision will think this is normal.
And how many have we seen post or sexting nudes of themselves only to be ridiculed and teased. Some have even committed suicide.
But according to the kardashians and osborne of this world, (I.E.;twisted feminism), this is less important than posting a narcissistic view of themselves? Would they take responsibility if another, who copied them, kills herself after she is teased for posting nudes? NEVER.
And that is the hypocrisy of it all...the true face of today's feminism over the protection of young peoples innocence. It's all about...me.

There are the majority of women out there who understand the true value of womanhood, and are not afraid to express it...

Chloƫ Grace Moretz
@KimKardashian-I truly hope you realize how important setting goals are for young women, teaching them we have so much more to offer than-

Bette Midler
@KimKardashian-Kim Kardashian tweeted a nude selfie today. If Kim wants us to see a part of her we've never seen, she's gonna have to swallow the camera.

Empowering how?!? Like Kim Kardashian, these women show that their body is all they have to offer. They have lowered themselves into things, Objects to be used, instead of dignified ladies to be respected.
You look at the comments beside these two things and they are all "WOMEN", all negative and there where a lot more. Their self importance is in their own head, separated from reality, dependent on their twitter followers to prep their egos. Sad.

Besides narcissism, and been married to the dumbness jack*ss of them all, let's remember why she does this... It's certainly not because she cares about young girls...
Kim Kardashian West
@KimKardashian-sorry I'm late to the party guys I was busy cashing my 80 million video game check & transferring 53 million into our joint account

In closing;
This does empower a small group, feminism and their manginas, it does not on the other hand empower women, or show young boys that women are more than a pair of **** and a *****, on the contrary, it demeans them to the lowest form, sex objects.
If that's the way they want to be, if they want to make fools of themselves or to be drooled over by some porn addicted internet crowd, so be it, it is a free country, but we do hope that they understand what they are promoting and it's certainly not empowering the young.
They are everything that's wrong with society today.....

Our apologies to the many ladies with class and self respect, for using derogatory words. In no way does The N.C. Chronicles believe the majority would ever do this or promote it. It has been a long road for women to achieve the equality to live life as they wish it.
Then only to be brought back as sex objects; by those who suffer from a twisted form or egoism and narcissistic personality.

Japan To Feminist UN Committee: ‘You Do Know That Fictional Characters Aren’t Real, Right?’

This pretty much just made my entire YEAR.

You might have missed this bit of news – back in February, the United Nations (in their perpetual state of Having Nothing Better To Do) put together a committee demanding that the Japanese government crack down (among other things) on their video game, manga, and anime industries regarding depictions of sexual violence against women in fiction. Basically, the UN wanted Japan to impose bans on their extremely successful and popular entertainment industry because social justice nuts in the United States get squicky about certain things that, culturally in Japan (for better or worse) are completely acceptable in their entertainment.

Japan’s response? Don’t you idiots know the difference between fiction and reality?

No, seriously – that’s basically what they said. Quit worrying about crimes committed against fictional women and worry about crimes committed against actual, real, living women.

Here’s an excerpt of the response from Japan’s Women’s Institute of Contemporary Media Culture, with emphasis added. (Just FYI – The original post in Japanese is here. If your browser’s translation capabilities are less than stellar, a full translation of the response into English can be found here).-

    “We are absolutely in agreement that the protection of the rights of women in Japan is important. On the other hand, we think it should be carefully and seriously evaluated whether the measures taken to ensure those protections are valid ones or not. If we are asked to consider whether “Protecting Women’s Rights in Japan” requires us to “Ban the Sale of Manga and Video Games Depicting Sexual Violence,” then we must reply that that is an absolute “no.”

“Reasons for Our Opinion:
 “Reason #1 – The so-called sexual violence in manga and video games is a made-up thing and as such does not threaten the rights of actual people; therefore, it is meaningless in protecting the rights of women.
“Reason #2 – In Japan, and especially when it comes to manga, these are creative fields that women themselves cultivated and worked hard by their own hand to create careers for themselves. If we were to “ban the sale of manga that includes sexual violence,” it would do the opposite and instead create a new avenue of sexism toward women.”
“As stated above, we cannot say that banning the sale of manga and video games that “depict sexual violence” is valid, even if we were to agree that the goal of protecting the rights of women is correct
“There is nothing to be gained from regulating fictional sexual violence. However, while you’re trying to fix the rights of fictional characters, you’re leaving the human rights of real women in the real world left to rot.”

Basically, they told the United Nations (and the social justice feminists who are feeding them this crap) to take their “trigger warnings” and shove ’em where the sun don’t shine.
Read whole article here...
Japan has a point, thousands of women are employed in the industry and would put them out of work. How does that benefit women?
As for the U.N. it has long past it's usefulness and there need to be a restructuring of that organization if not an outright elimination of it. It was a great idea after ww2, but now, it has become a money pit, and has no idea on what humans rights means outside of buttering their pockets with our money.
In a normal world, Saudi Arabia would be arraigned for its appalling human rights record, not appointed to head an important panel at the international human rights monitor. And yet, it was revealed Monday that over the summer Saudi Arabia was appointed to a panel at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) that would interview and short-list experts, from among whom successful candidates would then be nominated to examine specific human rights challenges. These challenges may include the human rights record of a particular country or a specific theme, and those themes can include violence against women, the rights of migrants, religious freedom, or sexual orientation.
The hypocrisy behind this decision need hardly be stated. The Saudi government is unelected and run by one large family, or clan. Not only does it have the death penalty on its statute, it executes prisoners with particular relish, turning their executions into a public spectacle. Torture is routine in its prisons and offenders of certain crimes are flogged in public. The denial of the right to drive is among the least of the abuses women suffer in the country.  Foreigners who live in Saudi Arabia—be they well-paid expatriates or construction workers living in slavery-like conditions—have to be on the guard constantly so that they don’t fall foul of its laws that violate the norms of free and fair trials. Its vast wealth is used to acquire weapons at home and finance fundamentalist movements abroad which cause havoc in distant societies, transforming native forms of Islam into Wahhabism which bears little relation to the universal declaration of human rights.

And that's just one of the stupid thing that organization has done lately. 
This comment pretty well define the true identity of the U.N.;
Maybe the U.N. should worry about the treatment of women in such garden spots as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and leave Japan and Israel alone. After all, you don't see burqas, forced marriages, or honor killings in the latter countries.

Whether we call it a feminist agenda or whatever, the u.n. is compose of corrupt individuals who see it as a path the enrichment and power. The very idea they would go after Japan's animation industry a la anita sarkeesian is laughable at best. (not knowing what's real and what's make believe)
It shows their true nature when they will go after stable countries like Japan and Israel, instead of the gulf states, who themselves have one of the worse records on human rights. Especially against their own women...

Many of us have fought, bleed and died for the rights of others, but from a personal perspective, there is no way I would put my life on the line for such idiotic policies, or a country that adopts this crap, too one sided and pointless.
The only people I would protect are those in my own circle, the h*ll with this corrupt new world order.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The pussification of the next generation; Thomas J. DiLorenzo on political correctness, safe spaces trigger warnings

We are so screwed....

What better way to have total control over the population, this way you don't need restrictive rules, martial law or totalitarianism, heck just pussify students and have patience. When they grow up, these people will be dependent on governments instead of themselves. Or so they think....
Socialism, always wrong but always trying....

Democracy and freedoms depends on the toughness and ruggedness of it's people, the willingness to fight and defend one's right through individuality.
Socialism and the people under it depends on the state telling them what their rights are according to the masses.
The other thing is, and most important, for socialism to take hold and succeed, they must destroy capitalism, impose hardships on people and families and then offer a way out, after the mayhem.
Don't be fooled, political correctness is socialism in disguise.
Capitalism, free market economy, might not be perfect but it's a lot better than what socialism proposes.
Which by the way...never worked.

Definition of;
Pussying out
-A complete douche, with no balls, when called upon to do something against the rules.

Definition of:
-Is a slang term for someone scared or weak.
-An insulting word for a man who is not strong.
-Insulting words for a man, pansy.

Definition of:
-Having the characteristics of a pussy; soft, timid, cowardly or effeminate.

Definition of:
-The act or process of pussifying a people.
-The state in which a society becomes less and less tough.

Just in case someone though we were been sexist...
And no I did not been a cute little cat either.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ontario PCs’ Brown swallows the carbon Kool-Aid

Having already lost two successive elections they should have been able to win against the spendthrift, incompetent Liberal government in Ontario, the Progressive Conservatives seem to be finding ways to do it again.
PC Leader Patrick Brown announced, to a less than enthusiastic response at the party’s weekend convention, that he believes in some sort of carbon pricing scheme.
When asked about it on my show on Newstalk 1010, Brown first rightly denounced the Liberals’ cap-and-trade program.
“This Liberal cap-and-trade proposal is something we’re voting against,” he said. “We believe it is just a $1.9-billion cash grab, but the reality is that there is some version of cap-and-trade coming to every province in Canada and we believe it was important to have a Conservative response on the environment.”
Brown says that “every single cent,” that is brought in with carbon pricing should be returned to the people, in a revenue neutral way, with oversight.
His model is the agreement former prime minister Brian Mulroney and the late U.S. president Ronald Reagan made on acid rain.
But that was an agreement between two nations for the good of those two nations.
Global warming is, obviously, a global issue and Canada is a small player.
We are, in reality, insignificant, no matter how serious one might think the problem of industrial carbon dioxide emissions linked to climate change.
Canada emits less than 2% of the man-made carbon dioxide released worldwide.
If we took ourselves entirely off fossil fuels — an impracticality — the impact on the planet would be negligible so long as China, India, the U.S., the European Union and others keep to present practices.
Read whole article here... 
They keep on shooting themselves in the foot. 
Unless of course he's one of those elitists who thinks people are uninformed and dumb as door-nails?
As it say's above, Canada produces very little carbons, unless the rest of the polluting countries get their act together, this would make no difference and is just a cash grab....
P.C's must realize, imitating liberal policies will not get them elected and should get used to sit in opposition.
Getting into that ol'argument that they will make companies pay is passer, they don't pay, their cost goes up, they pass it on to the consumer, namely...US.
As if we are not taxed enough in this country, let alone the cost of things....

Vagina Seeding??? WTF.

Vagina seeding is a thing, y’all.

If you’re thinking, “What the hell is vagina seeding” then congratulations on being a normal human being. But since I’ve now become familiarized with the term, and I don’t want to know it all by myself, I’m going to tell you all about it.

Vagina seeding is a new trend in birthing for c-section moms. Apparently, women who deliver babies via c-section are missing out on having their babies come into direct contact with their vaginas, and that’s supposedly a really bad thing now, so VAGINA SEEDING to the rescue!

Right before a c-section, a piece of gauze is inserted into the mother’s vagina so that it can absorb a bunch of secretions. Once it’s saturated (I know, gross), it’s removed and put in a sterile container. Then, after the baby is delivered, someone RUBS THAT GAUZE ALL OVER THE BABY’S FACE, MOUTH, EYES and SKIN, in order to replicate what the baby would deal with by being born vaginally.

If you are positively horrified by this, congratulations on being a normal human being.
Naturally, there are normal human beings who find this practice ridiculous. Dr. Victor Gonzalez-Quintero says, “The fact that newborns may face better outcomes after vaginal delivery may not have anything to do with [exposure to vaginal bacteria] itself, there’s just not enough data. More importantly, it could put babies at risk. We could be exposing newborns to infections if a mother is asymptomatic or we’ve failed to identify infections like Group B streptococcus, herpes, chlamydia, or gonorrhea during standard prenatal testing.”

But I mean, why let pesky information like that get in the way of crazy hippie crap like vagina seeding? It’s going to be ALL THE RAGE now, you guys.
Read whole article here.
Hippies, feminists, lefties, is there anything they can't do? lol.
I quit...too many stupid people in this world.
Sometimes we just have to laugh at the ridiculous.

Canadian province of Ontario plans to trial universal basic income

'As Ontario’s economy grows, the government remains committed to leaving no one behind' 
Ontario has announced it could soon be sending a monthly cheque to its residents as it plans to launch an experiment testing the basic income concept.
While officials in the Canadian province are yet to release any specific details of the project – including how much will be given to residents who participate – the finance ministry has published a report confirming the government’s intention to roll out the experiment.
The general concept of basic income involves a government handing out a flat-rate income to every single citizen within a country, either by replacing existing benefits or to top them up.
Proponents of the idea say it would save on welfare administration costs, reduce the poverty traps of traditional welfare states, be fair to people who have jobs, and give people more autonomy in general.
There are many reason why this would be a bad idea, first would be the cost, second, there are many who adopted handouts as a lifestyle. Some even generational. This might increase this problem even more.

Then again, there are also many reasons this "might" be a good idea. There are multiple departments of the social program system, costing billions, an over-payed inflated bureaucracy, so on.
It would save a lot of taxpayers money, question is how much. If the end result is saving then I don't see why we shouldn't at least try it, why? Because many need it.
Some have the notion that all welfare, or other social programs like disability, attracts bums and loafers, but in this kind of thinking, we forget those who are elderly, can't walk, in a wheelchair, on and on. We forget the working parent, or the single ones. We forget how hard they have it or are judged because of a few bad ones.
There is also the problem of staff in social programs who abuse their position and try to increase the numbers of recipients for financial, power, or increase vote bases for certain groups. Eliminating those would save a cr*p load of money.

Some in Welfare will put the young on the system if they don't get along with parents, affordable housing is used as a personal tool for women's shelter, child protective services targets single parents, what does that have to do with guaranteed income? Simple, when your a single parent, all these organizations control ones life, trying to get ahead is practically impossible unless one cheats, then if they are caught they are in a worse position.
And let's be honest, most of these social programs have been under the control of radical feminism and their manginas; grouping, dividing people and families, using their positions as a tool for financial gain and to go after people they don't like for decades, might not be a bad idea to say bye-bye to these left overs of the past.
Getting a guarantied income outside these organization could be a plus, people would not have them hanging over their heads or their families (or the constant threat of taking kids away) so to say. It might even install goals for themselves and be role models for kids, that can't be so bad.

Elderly have to chose between food or medicines, first nation living in terrible conditions (specially up North), families giving up and single parents choosing between eating or giving that little extra to their kids.

Would guarantied income or basic income solve these problems, no one can tell, that's for sure, but one thing is for sure, riding ourselves of the current social programs might not be such a bad thing. Putting all government financial programs into one, has it's advantages. 
The system we have now has basically run it's course, the cost keep going up and unless something is done, will eventually crash. 
Many have been critical of the Ontario government, including us, there has been much waste that's for sure, I am not even sure if we can trust them with this endeavor, the way we see it, they are due for a good policy.
(Yes, I know, wishful thinking, but willing to listen)

We could go into details of prohibitive costs or savings, but we only offer basic information, the rest is up to you. Always do your research.
As we said, the system we have now has reached it's limit, countries going bankrupt because of it, and with the refugee problem, things will get worse. We have to look at different ways of doing thing, doesn't mean they will work, but at least, we can try. 
What have we got to loose.