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Monday, February 29, 2016

Woman in burka Holding Severed Child's Head in Moscow

Horror as woman in burka 'holding severed head of child screams Allahu Akbar
A BURKA-CLAD nanny has been arrested in Russia after she allegedly walked the streets of central Moscow brandishing the severed head of a four-year-old girl while shouting "Allahu Akbar".
Horror erupted close to Oktyabrskoye Pole metro station in the northwest of the Russian capital after eyewitnesses reported a woman shouting "I'm a terrorist" while wandering the streets with the head of a dead child. It comes after reports officers had earlier found the headless body of a child aged around three or four at a block of flats in the city after they were called to extinguish a fire.

A woman was reportedly seen pulling the head out of a plastic bag after being stopped by police at the metro station.She is reportedly shouted that she had killed the child and was seen praying shortly before police swooped.The woman later told police she killed the child because of her own husband's infidelity, according to reports. She is understood to have been wandering the streets for an hour before police arrested her.

At one point in the shocking video the woman is seeing raising the blood-covered head in the air while holding her index finger aloft. The victim was identified as a young girl called Nastya M and her 39-year-old nanny has been arrested, according to reports.The nanny has been identified as Gyulchehra Bobokulova, from Uzbekistan. The station was closed after the woman shouted "I'm a terrorist" and threatened to blow herself up. It was searched for explosives but given the all-clear by specialist officers a short time later.

Eyewitnesses at Oktyabrskoye Pole underground station said that the woman screamed:"My child was killed… I will blow up everyone. She is heard shouting that she has been “cursed” and “destroyed” “so many times," before saying: "I hate democracy. “I'm your suicide bomber… I'm going to die in a second. The end of the world."


A preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect is a children’s nanny in her late 30s, who is a citizen of a “Central Asian country". Investigators claim that the baby sitter waited until the parents of an older child had left the apartment before murdering the child and starting a fire.

Fire crews rescued four people and put out the blaze, but then found the child's beheaded body.

Yulia Ivanova, an official spokesperson for Moscow's Interior Ministry, said: "[The suspect] had waited until the parents left with the older child, and for unknown reasons committed murder of the child, set the apartment on fire and left the scene of the crime."

The dead child is said to have had learning difficulties and could not walk properly.

The child's mother was taken to hospital after collapsing when she learned of the news, according to reports.

The parents told police the nanny had been working for them for more than 18 months and a source said that she was "drugged". Sources say the nanny did not want to hide from police and aimed to attract attention for the crime she had committed.

Police say they are not treating the incident as terrorism. 
I don't care what the reason is, when such an evil act is performed on a child, especially one who is disabled, there's a special place in hell for people like that.
Sometimes you just can't forgive the unforgivable.

That said, I'm sure the parents of this child never believed such a thing could take place. 
Terrorism comes in many forms, and their main tool is...surprise and stealth.
Something the west is about to find out.....

Yes, the world is at war, a world war, but it's not what the media and the elitist is telling us. It's morality vs immorality, good vs evil, greed vs generosity, totalitarianism vs freedoms. 
There is no one certain enemy in this war, not like the past, we can't point to an area and say there it is. 
Al qaida came and was destroyed, then came ISIS, when they are gone, some other will pop up, probably al nusra or some other new group.
There is good in most people, but there is also evil among them, how can we fight this and win?
Humanity is at a cross roads, what we do, and how we do it, will determine if we survive or if we are...replaced.
Nature has a tendency to weed out what is bad and put something that is more acceptable.
We had many extinction in the past, we as a species are not immune.

We offer; A tear and a prayer for this innocent child and her family.

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